What Date Start-End Location
Bavallen Tag Team Tuesday 25. June 12:00 - 16:00 Festival Tent
Entries for Bavallen Tag Team

Bavallen Tag team delay on thuesday due to weather. Start 12.00

Bavallen Tag-Team is back in business!

Tag-Team is a relay competition. There are two participants per team with the exchange in the middle of the course. To run`s per team, the best time counts. The competition is perfect for anyone who rides MTB downhill. The focus is on having fun on the bike.


Men open

Women open

Mixed class

Look forward for some serious fun in Voss Resort!


Leg 1/start section: Enduro MTB (recommended suspension 130-150 mm)
Leg 2/last section: Enduro MTB/or Downhill bike (recommended suspension 150-220mm)

Mandatory practice run before the race.
The bib must be visable from start to finish at both athletes in the team.