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A challenging Strava segment, made by Ekstremsportveko, will be published Monday 24th at 22PM. Stay tuned!

You can try as many times you want during the week, until the competition ends Saturday 29th of June at 3 PM.

Based on the rankings, we will announce one KOM(King of Mountain) and one QOM(Queen of Mountain) at the price ceremony Saturday 30th of June.


– We will only rank registered athletes at Ekstremsportveko. Please make sure to sign up.
– You are responsible to have a fully loaded device(Smart phone) or sport watch with a GPS system.
– You are responsible to download the Strava app and figure out how it works.
– You are responsible for your own and other trial users safety. Be aware that you might not be alone on the trail.
– Ride together with friends and make sure to help each other with safety, and to warn each other if people or animals are on the trail/segment. Also if crossing a road is necessary
– Be friendly!
– Scouting is necessary.
– No shortcuts are allowed. Ride the trail!
– Wear helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and back protector.

– Based on the results we will also give you points if you are signed up and are participating in the overall competition, “Honorable Citizen of Voss”.