What Date Start-End Location
MTB: Ride Hardanger Exclusive Wednesday 26. June 10:00 - 16:00 TBA

You can’t miss this. We’ve got some treasure-trails for you. Join us for a day with biking, social, bbq (during our tour) and end the day with after-bike in the festival area. (To make the day complete – remember to see “there’s always a next season” documentary in the tent)

So what are you waiting for? The MTB guide company “Any excuse to ride Norway” will guarantee you a good day. So, yes you don’t have any excuse.

Where to meet: Kiwi Palmafossen for road directions click here

We will shuttle with private cars to the destination, and it will take around 50 mins.

You need to show a valid athlete pass – and sign up then your’all set

Athlete passes

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Max capacity: 16 people
Skills level: Intermediate

Gear: Your own bike, helmet, knee/elbow pads,backpack + tube/pump
Snacks & water is also a good idea