Head of Multisport

Claire Miller



Leave your lycra in the laundry and save your energy gels for a night off from the kids as Vekos multisport format is like no other. This event requires a serious game face and possibly a change of underwear.


Voss is literally a Multisport mecca. No matter what time of year you come to Voss, if you are seeking adventure in the outdoors, you will struggle to find the time in any day to fit in all of the activities on offer here. If you don’t struggle with that, you will definitely struggle to keep up with the locals and the energy and motivation they have to be active at any given opportunity, between the busy demands of daily life.

Activities in Voss cover a huge spectrum and include skydiving, skiing, mountain biking, swimming, whitewater kayaking, rafting, trail running, rock climbing, longboarding, speed flying, stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, speed riding, base jumping and so much more. Rarely, if ever would you see some of these disciplines featured in a multisport event and that where Vekos multisport event is going to surpass any other.

Fitting all of these incredibly exciting sports into a small town and its surrounding areas gives you a sense of how limitless (and not to mention how spectacularly scenic) our playground is. Vekos multisport is guaranteed to have you exploring the vast mountain ranges and deep valleys for yourself. We seriously recommend coming to check this place out and Extremesportsvekos multisport event in  2022 is the perfect opportunity to do so!!

In sports without a federation, or where this is not decided or clear, Ekstremsportveko will at all times rely on its principles and values. That is why Ekstremsportveko condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ekstremsportveko excludes Russia and Belarus from organized sports competitions, championships and cups. Athletes and guests from these countries can participate in Ekstremsportveko outside of organized competitions, championships and cups, where one does not represent Russia or Belarus. The exclusion does not apply to athletes under 18 years of age (junior). If an athlete chooses to circumvent these regulations, one may be deleted from the starting list and/or the result list.