Multisport Switch Sun 25.06 at 08:00 .

switch /swɪtʃ/ verb: switch;

  •       adopt (something different) in place of something else; change.

This event is sure to put Voss on the multisport map. Activities in Voss cover a huge spectrum and include skydiving, skiing, mountain biking, swimming, whitewater kayaking, rafting, trail running, rock climbing, longboarding, speed flying, stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, speed riding, base jumping and so much more. Rarely, if ever would you see some of these disciplines featured in a multisport event. Fitting all of these opportunities into a small town and its surrounding areas gives you a sense of how limitless (and not to mention how spectacularly scenic) our playground is. We seriously recommend coming to check it out for yourself and Extremesportsveko 2022 is the perfect opportunity to do so!!


 Multisport, with an extreme twist


Every multisport race is totally unique and SWITCH is no exception.  Featuring sports never used before in the field of multisport and the added element of “extreme” this multisport event is like no other.

SWITCH is a team relay race incorporating as many of Extremespotsveko elements as possible. Switching sports and routes each year means that no two races will be the same

A maximum of ten teams will compete in a continuous series of stages switching rapidly from one sport and athlete to another to achieve the fastest overall time.  The winning team will take home the SWITCH title and a generous cash prize. There will be a minimum of four team members required and at least one of them must be female

- Mixed teams
- Maximum of 10 teams
- Minimum of one female per team

2022 Switch teams:

  • Running

  • Mountain Biking

  • Paragliding (PP3 license is required)

  • Skydiving (license required will be updated soon)

There must be at least one female participant in each team.


Participants are required to be experienced, skilled and well-rounded athletes in their sports. In some cases certified




Weather day
No weather day. This competition will run TBA.

Meeting point
Meeting Point Athlete meeting: TBA
GPS coordinates: TBA

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: When full

Any questions please contact the Head of Multisport by email at clairemillar07@gmail.com or by phone on +4746297937