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 Veko Switch is a new Multisport concept for 2021

switch /swɪtʃ/ verb: switch;

  •       adopt (something different) in place of something else; change.

Not only is Veko Switch unique in that we will be combining many sports rarely, if ever used in a multisport event before, but we will also switch sports and course routes every year. 

Sports and course routes will be released in March and with only limited places available you’ll have to be pretty quick to apply to be among the exclusive 10 teams that will compete in taking home the winning title for the first ever Veko Switch 2021.

Veko Switch aims to combine all of Vekos elements demonstrating the wide range of skills it takes to be a Veko athlete whilst showcasing the spectacular and vast wilderness that Voss and the surrounding area offers.

Teams will compete against each other in a continuous series of stages or “legs”, rapidly switching from one sport to another. The aim is to race over the mountains and down through the valleys to be first to the finish line.



2021 Sports

  • Kayak
  • Running
  • MTB
  • Flying (sports to be confirmed by the end of March PG, SPG, Skydive)


Mixed teams

Maximum of 10 teams

Minimum of one female per team


Participants will need to be experienced and skilled in given disciplines. In some cases even qualified. 


  • More information to come when the sports are released

Mandatory athlete meeting Saturday 27th of June

More information about time and place will come

Weather day

No weather day. This competition will run Sunday the 27th of June.

Meeting point 

Meeting Point: TBA
GPS coordinates: TBA

Registration/Sign Up

Sign up opens Monday 22nd of March

Sign up close Sunday 16th of May


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