Open VossaTAG Athlete Cup

Sports Open VossaTAG Athlete Cup Festival Tent Sat 02.07 at 17:15 Sign up at the Infostand!

Ekstremsportveko is testing a new concept, and this is a low-threshold competition in the amateur class. Join the Open VossaTAG Athlete CUP to gain extra points in The Honorable Citizen of Voss.

Have you ever played Tag, Sisten or Tikken? A game with many names, and in VossaTAG the principle is the same - escape your opponent to win points!



Gameplay for Open VossaTAG Athlete CUP

VossaTAG is played on a 12x12 meter course with physical obstacles that challenge speed, strength, and flexibility.

VossaTAG Athlete CUP is played 1:1.

1 round lasts for 20 seconds with one tagger and one defender. A full match lasts 4x 20 seconds.


Qualification and finales

Qualification is as follows: Each player meets a random opponent in two lightning rounds - where each player is allowed to be tagger. The goal is to tag the opponent in the shortest possible time. Tag is valid anywhere on the body in the qualifying rounds. Time spent ranks each player into the quarterfinals: the lowest ranked from the qualification meets the highest ranked etc. The winner from each match advances to the semifinals and finals.



One can only gain points as a defender.

Each player gets two rounds as a tagger, and two rounds as a defender. Which means one can only get two points in one match.

Tagger attacks defender, and the round is won (not the point) by touching the opponent anywhere on the upper body.

If the defender escapes the tagger throughout the round, it wins the point. If the defender is tagged below waist it wins the point.

In the event of a tie, there will be an extra round, and in the case of rocks, scissors, paper, one gets to choose between being tagger or defender - both roles will give the winning point.


Registration for Open VossaTAG Athlete CUP

ON-SITE at the Information desk by the entrance of the Festival Arena.

Registration opens at 17:15 and closes at 17:45 at the latest.

There are only 8 spots for this competition - so be early!

*If there is an odd number of participants, the highest ranked in the qualifying round will go directly to the semifinals. 


Saturday June 2nd

17:45 SHARP: Gameplay information and walkthrough

18:00 GAME ON


Winners of Open VossaTAG Athlete CUP will be announced at the Prize Ceremony, Saturday July 2nd.  


The Honorable Citizen of Voss

1st place - 50 points

2nd place - 40 points

3rd place - 30 points

4th place - 20 points

5th place - 10 points

6th place - 8 points

7th place - 6 points

8th place - 4 points