Vertigo Acro

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Vertigo Voss is a competition in acro paragliding where pilots are performing maneuvers and the performance is scored by a set of judges. They look at the technical performance, the overall flow and landing. The concept for Vertigo Voss is a little different than from before, as usually a pilot chooses his own maneuvers. This year the maneuvers will be selected in the morning before each run. All pilots are then performing the same run. In the final, the pilots will be free to choose.





Acro-licence + PP4 (or higher)


  • 2 reserve parachutes
  • CE 1077 or CE 996 certified Helmet (or equivalent)
  • Paragliding gear

Meeting point 

Vossavangen, Prestegardslandet
GPS coordinates: <00.000000, 00.000000>

Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: TBA

Registration closes: TBA