Innhopp Gudvangen + Veko Cruise

Skydiving Innhopp Gudvangen + Veko Cruise Skydive Voss Mon 26.06 at 16:00 Sign up

On Monday 26. June you here have the possibility to both do an Innhopp to Gudvangen and join the Vekocruise!
The boat «Future of The Fjords» will depart from Gudvangen, in one of the world's most beautiful playgrounds, Nærøyfjorden. From Gudvangen it will go to Odnes, where you can witness both Speedflyers, Paragliders, BASE athletes and skydivers land. From Odnes the boat will go to Flåm. If you want to join this, and also combined it with some skydiving before entering the boat in Gudvangen. This is for you! 

Summarized program

  1. Innhopp will be organized by Skydive Voss and will be timed so you have time to get on the boat before departure.
  2. The boat «Future of The Fjords» will depart from Gudvangen at 18.00.
  3. «Future of The Fjords» will stop with the «main spot» - Odnes 1830. The boat will be located here from 18.30-20.00/20.30. 
  4. At Odnes, Skydivers, Speedflyers, BASE athletes, and paragliders will land. There will be 3 shuttle boats that goes between Odnes and «Future of The Fjords». Please respect: Only Athletes participating in the event are able to go from shore out to the boat after landing.
  5. On the boat you will get music from DJ BOGE and you’ll be able to buy drinks and food
  6. «Future of The Fjords», departs from Odnes and should arrive back in Flåm by 21.30/22.00.
  7. When you enter Flåm, the busses will take you from Flåm back to Voss/Festivaltent where you can continue the party.


Information for the audience: Please respect that swimming in the fjord is not allowed. All the safety boats on the fjord are there to help athletes in case of emergency. 

Requirements and equipment
NOTE! There are limited spots for athletes for this event, so make sure you have checked recommended level to sign up. All athletes must have:

  1. An Athlete pass.
  2. Sign up/have a valid ticket confirmation for this event
  3. A-License

Meeting point
Skydive Voss. Registered athletes will receive an email later with information regarding the brief and take-off time. 

1390,- (This include Innhopp at Gudvangen, Vekocruise and bus back to Voss from Flåm.)