Organizers 2021

We will start bright and early Monday, June 28th with organized jumping together with our amazing organizers going strong until Saturday, July 3rd. This is one of the most exciting weeks of the year with an intense program, and Voss is the place to be. Get ready to FLY!


Rob Heron AKA Freefly Rob

Revisiting Veko for his 4th time!
Rob is continuing the group flying progression, for his WingDing´s and Friends.
The Groups Get BIG so versatility is key.
Get your Freak on!
Let’s Fly

Regan Tetlow
9000+ jumps.
Full-time Load organizing 2004-2014 Skydive Empuriabrava.
Now freelance working worldwide.
Regan splits his time three ways between organizing, presenting airports, and acting.
He is currently organizing at the Maldives boogie up till the 25th of February.

He says:
“I have been looking for an opportunity to visit Voss for the last 10 years but my schedule has always made it not possible. I’m so excited to finally have this opportunity and look forward to jumping with you all soon”

Jakob Aungiers

Jakob has been skydiving since 2009 and these days loves to focus on vertical sequential flying, big ways and new dynamic ways of flying one’s body – combining discipline with fun! He has several records under his belt and when he’s not skydiving you’re likely to find him surfing or chilling underneath the nearest palm tree.

Ally Milne
Ally is a UK based full-time professional skydiver that has been jumping for 20 years. He enjoys organizing a variety of Freefly/Tracking dives including both static and dynamic components, and even just cruising around the sky with a fun group.


Well, this just keeps getting more and more exciting, we cannot wait!