What Date Start-End Location
Helicopter to Lønahorgi for speedflyers Saturday 29. June 08:30 - 11:00 Saue Camping

Heliride to lønahorgi is moved to Saturday 29th of June @ MEET: SAUE CAMPING

Heli ride to Lønahorgi.

We will organize heli lifts to the top of Lønahorgi, one of the highest mountains in the Voss area and a perfect mountain for speedflying. This is a highlight for most speedflying pilots at Veko.

Practical information.

Possible to foot launch, but it doesn’t hurt to bring your skies for super easy launches and some quality speedriding.

We will keep the chopper going as long as the conditions are with us and people keep filling up the lifts.

How to get there.

The landing is at Saue camping 10 min northeast of Voss, at Sauesvegen, Skulestadmo


450 NOK for each lift.

Sign up for first lift her, and bring card as you can pay for each additional lift at the landing.

Skill level: SPG 2

Optimum wind direction: Southeast