What Date Start-End Location
Swoop Freestyle Competition Friday 28. June 16:00 - 19:00 Prestegardslandet
Swoop freestyle finals Saturday 29. June 14:00 - 18:00 Prestegardslandet
Entries for Swoop Freestyle Competition

The rumors are true, here is the official invitation to the one and only Swoop freestyle competition of its kind in the world; Ekstremsportveko Swoop Freestyle 2019!

We would like to invite skydivers, speedriders and paragliders to compete against each other in the discipline freestyle, who will make the top podium?
The main goal with this competition is to show the spectators/judges your skills under canopy/ wing.
It’s the best in show competition. So bring on your creativity!

Requirements to participate:

  • For CP you a demo license and proof of swoop skills from known swooper.
    For Acro Paragliders you need a Acro license and proof of skills from known Acro paraglider.
    For Speedflyers you need a SPG5 license and proof of skills from known Speedflyer.

Safety brief will be at Prestegardslandet Thursday 28th of June at 17 PM. We walk thru safety rules for competition, rules of judging and info about the qualification and finals.

Thursday is weather day for training.

Friday is for training/ Finals if bad weather Saturday.

Saturday is finals day.

Transportation Fee information for the competition

Jump tickets for Canopy pilots: 1040,- (4 jumps to 6000 feet)

Tow boat tickets for Acro paragliders: 600,- (4 tow-trips to 300 feet)

Shuttle tickets for Speedriders: 50 NOK per trip,-

If you have any questions regarding this competition,

please contact Jarle Hus: jarle_hus@hotmail.com