What Date Start-End Location
Dynamic 2-way Tuesday 25. June 16:00 - 19:00 Voss Vind
Entries for Dynamic 2-way

During Ekstremsportveko we will host an open Norwegian championship. The competition will will consist of Speed Routines only, but still according to the official FAI 2019 rules (the parts regarding Speed Routines).

Teams consists of 2 competitors (Performers).

The D2W competition is usually divided into Speed Routines where the athletes will fly predefined lines and perform tricks as a race, and Free Routines  where the athletes perform a pre choreographed routine and get scored by the judges.

In the Speed Rounds the athletes will receive time penalty’s if they make mistakes called “Busts”. In the Free Routines the athletes will be judged on creativity, difficulty and execution of moves.

The motto of the competition is “by the athletes for the athletes” it is an exciting, fast paced demonstration of the most modern expressions in human flight.

Additional entry fee 500 nok per person to be paid in VossVind

D2W (Speed only) TUESDAY 4-7 PM

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