Increased ticket prices, why?

Rising costs force us to set up the week pass prices for Ekstremsportveko 2023. See our ticket prices here.

The general prices have risen in the last twelve months. More expensive food, electricity, and fuel is the main reason why the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has risen over the past twelve months, the highest annual increase since 1987.

This affects our costs on the production of Ekstremsportveko. In addition, our ticket price level has also remained stagnant in recent years due to uncertainty in the market.

With all the uncertainty in Norway and the world, increased expenses, and costs, we are forced to increase our ticket prices to ensure Ekstremsportveko's survival.

We kindly ask for your understanding on this matter.

PS! There is always an option to volunteer if you want to contribute to Ekstremsportveko or want to take part and save money. Learn more about volunteering.