We encourage everyone at our festival to try different sports and take part in Ekstremsportveko. Some of the activity companies that cooperate with Ekstremsportveko offer activities that can be modified to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Get in contact with the different companies, and see if or how the sport can be tailored to suit you! Due to a lot of action during Ekstremsportveko, it is important that you contact the company before you arrive!

Company info:
Indoor Skydiving – Website: Voss Vind, Contact: post@vossvind.no
Tandem Skydiving – Website: Voss Skydive
Tandem Paragliding – Website: Voss HPK
Tandem Kayaking – Website: www.outdoornorway.com  Contact: info@outdoornorway.com   
Voss Rafting – Website: Voss Active, Contact: post@vossactive.no

Easy access activities

If you just want to come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch all the spectacular activities that take place during Ekstremsportveko, please see our map that indicates easy access for disabled people. 

Companion cerificate (proof of attendance)

Anyone who has a companion certificate can bring along a companion at the festival. The companion must be accredited and get the their bracelet for the festival in the information tent at the entrance to the festival area. The person with a companion certificate must be present when the companion retrieves their bracelet.


Please note that there are no toilet facilities at the various sports arenas. However, we do have one toilet for disabled people in our Festival Tent.