It´s hard to get the hang of the different sports at Ekstremsportveko and what the competitions are all about. This guide is made to help you understand what the crazy athletes are up to during our festival.


raft·ing [ræftɪŋ] definition – the sport of travelling on rivers and streams by raft

A short section of river is rafted as fast as possible. The fastest team wins.

Head to Head (H2H)
The sprint results determine which teams will meet each other in the H2H. Two teams fight it out on the same course as the sprint. The loser is eliminated and the winner moves on to race the next round until we have an overall champion.

This is the most technical discipline. In slalom the teams have to navigate the raft through several gates, either heading downstream (blue gate) or upstream (orange gate). A 50 second penalty is incurred if all team members do not pass through the gate and a 5 second penalty if they hit the gate. The fastest team wins.

The Amazing Raft Race
This is a fun competition with lots of surprising elements. The competition’s goal is to gather Norway’s rafting community and have a good time!


kay·ak·ing [kahy-ak-ing] definition – use of a kayak for moving across white water

Brandseth Downhill
A 500 meter technical section of white water is paddled as fast as possible.

Team Competition
Teams of 3 compete on a longer section of Brandsethelva. There must not be more than 15 seconds between the first and last team member at the finish line. The fastest team wins.

Head to Head (H2H)
Three or more athletes fight it out on a short white water section in Strandaelva. The losers are eliminated and the winner moves on to race the next round until we have an overall champion.


riv·er·board·ing [riv-er-bawr-ding] definition – swimming down a river using a body board with fins on your feet for steering and speed

Riverboarding Competition
This competition is a mass start down river race. First person to touch the finish banner wins.


par·a·glid·ing [par-uh-glahy-ding]
hang·glid·ing [hæng-glahy-ding]
speed-rid-ing [spiid-raiding]
definition – launching oneself from a steep incline and soaring through the air by means of a para or hang glider

Acro Competition
This competition aims to push the pilots’ skills as far as possible. You are welcome to watch the spectacular maneuvers that expose the pilots to G forces up to 7G at Prestegardslandet! The athletes get points on the basis of how clear and well executed the maneuvers are. Points are lost if they land in the lake!

Capture the flag
Distance, speed and audacity are the main keys in this competition. Flags will be placed in and around the mountains of Voss. The pilots receive information about the name of the mountains and the GPS coordinates of the flag locations. All the flags have different grades of points according to their distance and difficulty. The first pilot who captures the flag receives the points. The pilot who has gathered most points wins.

Precision Landing

The athletes have to land on a small platform, one on land and another floating on Vangsvatnet.

Expression Session
This is a freestyle paragliding show at Prestegardslandet, where the pilots launch from a helicopter. The spectators judge the winner.


sky·div·ing [skahy-dahy-ving] definition – jumping from an airplane and free-falling before opening one’s parachute

In Voss, we usually skydive from altitudes up to 15 000 feet. The most popular disciplines within skydiving are:

FS: Formation Skydiving
The athletes fly on their belly creating formations.

FF: Free Flying
The athletes do their formations flying upright, upside down or on their backs.

Swooping is another growing and spectator friendly activity in the skydiving world. The pilot steers the canopy into a spectacular turning dive to gain speed before he/she recovers and levels out to enter the swooping course just a few meters above the ground. The speeds can be up to 100 km/h.

Drop by Skydive Voss for skydiving, try a tandem jump if you dare or just relax with a coffee and watch the skydivers. Every evening during Ekstremsportveko there will be a spectacular skydiving show at Prestegardslandet.

6. BASE 

BASE [beys] definition – BASE stands for the four objects from which the jumps are made: Building, Antenna, Span and Earth

During Ekstremsportveko the BASE jumpers leap off Nebbet, a huge cliff, with a view so special it has been protected by UNESCO.

Tuesday is the day to watch BASE jumping in Gudvangen. Be there or be square!


boul·der·ing [bohl-der-ing] definition – climbing without ropes and protection on large boulders

Bouldering Competition
This competition emphasizes power, strength, and dynamics. Boulder routes are commonly referred to as problems because the nature of the climb is often short, curious, and much like problem solving. The participants are given points on how many problems they climb in a certain amount of time.


free·ri·de  [free-rahyd] definition – freestyling down a steep mountain side on skis or snowboard

Freeride Competition
The athletes get points based on the Freeride World Tour requirements, judging is on elements such as style, lines, flow, control and technique.


moun·tain·bik·ing [moun-tn-bahyk-ing] definition – a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, using specially adapted mountain bikes

b·m·x [be-em-eks] definition – bicycle moto-cross. A sport which consists of riding small bikes with no gears, suspension and often no brakes. Basically, doing all types of tricks in all kinds of places

bi·ke·tri·al [baik-tra-yl] definition – riding tailor-made bicycles up, over and down obstacles such as rocks, ledges, logs, cars, pallets and whatever you find suitable. Probably the most technical discipline of mountainbiking

Down·hill [daunhl] definition – the athletes have to bike down a steep and technical trail as fast as possible

Slopestyle Competition /BMX competition
These competitions are held in a “park” with jumps and elements made of soil or wood. The athletes get points based on tricks, style, lines, flow and how they utilize the “park”.

Biketrial Competition
The athletes have to ride a number of pre-marked sections, where the goal is to score the least points. The athletes get a point when any part of their body or bike, except the tires, touches an object on the course.

Speedtrial Competition
Two competitors ride simultaneously on identical parallel obstacle courses. This is a spectator friendly H2H competition where the last one standing is the overall champion. No points are given, it’s all about being the fastest rider.

Downhill/ Tag Team Competition
Downhill races are held on steep, downhill terrain, resulting in high speed descents with extended air time off jumps and other obstacles. Riders race against the clock, usually starting at intervals of 30 seconds on courses which normally take two to five minutes to complete. Tag team is a relay competition where there are two participants in each team.


hor·gi·ned [hawr-ghi-nehd] definition: nontraditional version of a triathlon

Horgi Ned Competition
In Horgi Ned (Lønahorgi Down) we’ve swapped running with downhill skiing, road biking with downhill biking and swimming with white water kayaking. The athletes can enter the competition in two ways: individually or as a team of three.

NB! As a spectator you can only watch the paddling section of this competition.


long·board·ing [lawng-bawr-ding] definition – riding down a steep and winding road on a long skateboard

First day will be a freeride day where the athletes can explore, learn and enjoy the hill. Very audience friendly.

Time trial
The athletes race down Skjervet one by one as fast as possible. The time trial results determine who will meet each other in the H2H.

Qualifications and finals (H2H)
Heats of 4 race down the road in Skjervet. The two best athletes move on to race the next round until we have an overall champion. Very audience friendly.