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The Big Boss

Kjetil Kriken

Ask me about media production, sponsors & partnerships and all media inquiries

Head of Sport

June Jansson


Ask me about sports, safety and sustainability

Head of Marketing

Aud Helen Singstad

Ask me about media and the overall program. Drop me a line if you have any media and marketing thoughts or ideas.

Head of Festival Arena

Gjert Birkeland

Ask me about the festival arena, social program, suppliers, sponsors, and partnerships.

Volunteer Coordinator

Eirin Hjørnevik Sandstad

Ask me about volunteering for both sports & festival

Ass. Volunteer Coordinator

Karen Wolden

Ask me about volunteering for both sports & festival

Head of Safety

Fredrik Oma

Ask me about safety and risk management sports & festival

Assistant Head of Safety

Siri Christiansen

Ask me about safety and risk management sports & festival

Head of Activities

Georg Hernes

Everything about activities

Head of Backstage and accomoodation

Siv Grande

Kan faktisk køyre el-bil.

Head of Today's Video

Vegar Vedaa


Info and general questions

Info, program, booking, tickets etc.


Head of Longboarding

Einar Kvam

Head of Vossakrigar

Martin Kríz

Head of Speedflying

Arne Christian Eide

Head of Snow

Vilde Johansen

Head of Lokst Utøve

Geir Ole Selland

Head of MTB

Vegard Voll Bøyum

Head of Climbing

Simen Magnus Westerdahl Klausen

Head of MTB/BMX

Sindre Harbark

Head of Skydiving

Iselin Larsen

Head of Kayaking

Nina Trana

Head of Multisport

Claire Miller

Head of Skateboard

Trym Kittang Andersen

Head of Gliding

Erik R Klette

Head of BASE

Amber Forte

Head of Rafting


Head of Swooping

Petter Stensvold

Head of Paragliding

Lena Vassli