Open Application

Do you have an idea of where you can contribute?

Send us an open application with your CV and cover letter in which you explain what your ideal assignment would look like. We will then contact you soon to get to know you better and to find the assignment that best matches your skills and ambitions.

We have people working within the sports and in the festival arena, but we also have a wide range of admin tasks: PR, marketing, video, photo, HR, safety, accounting, payment systems, design, IT, concept/business development, and so on. Some are management positions and some are in the team. Some are paid positions and some are volunteers.

Or just register your interest as a volunteer here and we will send you an email when our new volunteer system is open for registration. Remember to save the date 27th June to the 4th of July.

We are regularly looking for new co-workers to support our team.

As things move fast in our business, a job opening does not always make it online. In these cases, we are likely to fill the position with candidates from our talent pool. If you wish to be considered for a future role in the Ekstremsportveko team, you are welcome to send us your CV and application already now.

We would love to hear from you:

The Big Boss
Kjetil Kriken

Head of Sport
June Jansson

Festival Coordinator
Gjert Birkeland

Head of Marketing
Aud Helen Singstad