Picture this: the exhilarating atmosphere of a festival, where people gather to celebrate and push their limits in extreme sports. Now, imagine this festival taking a bold leap toward environmental sustainability. That's where Ragn-Sells, the environmental services champion, joins forces with festivals like Ekstremsportveko to reduce their carbon footprint and make a lasting impact.

Ragn-Sells doesn't just show up and pick up trash; they bring an innovative approach to the table. They work hand in hand with Ekstremsportveko organizers, meticulously designing waste management systems that are strategically placed throughout the festival grounds. These well-marked collection points make it a breeze for festival-goers to do their part in recycling, composting, and disposing of general waste responsibly.

But Ragn-Sells doesn't stop there. As you explore the festival, you'll stumble upon their vibrant recycling stations strategically positioned to catch your eye. These stations become vibrant hubs where you can toss your recyclable materials and know they'll be given a new life.

Food and beverages are an essential part of any festival experience, and Ragn-Sells understands the impact they can have on the environment. That's why they team up with Ekstremsportveko's food vendors to champion sustainable practices. Biodegradable food packaging, compostable utensils, and containers take center stage, ensuring that even the culinary delights contribute to the festival's eco-friendly vibe. And don't worry about the food scraps; Ragn-Sells has that covered too. They collaborate with vendors to implement composting programs, transforming leftover organic waste into nutrient-rich compost that can be used for future growth.

But it doesn't end there. Ragn-Sells is committed to long-term impact. After Ekstremsportveko comes to a close, they provide detailed analysis and reports to the festival organizers. This invaluable information paints a vivid picture of the festival's environmental performance, from waste generation to recycling rates and carbon emissions. Armed with these insights, Ekstremsportveko can continuously strive for improvement, setting ambitious targets for future events.

Together, Ragn-Sells and Ekstremsportveko prove that extreme sports and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. Through their partnership, they create a festival experience that not only fuels your adrenaline but also leaves a positive mark on the planet. So, next time you find yourself at Ekstremsportveko, use the Ragn Sells bins and embrace the thrill of making a difference.

Ragn-Sells Certifications: https://www.ragnsells.no/om-oss/vare-rettesnorer/sertifiseringer/

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