Event Crew

We host talks, movies, Pride parade, sports events all over Voss during our festival week. To manage all this we need some hands-on people who can make it run smoothly.

What we are looking for:

Coordinate and help the team to do their job during the day, answer e-mails, phone calls and help out with the logistics.

Assist with distribution of Ekstremsportveko Expo and sponsor expo for events during Ekstremsportveko.
Assist with varied missions and new tasks to make sure our events run smoothly.

Event crew should be quick on their feet, always looking for solutions, enjoy helping out, know Voss well, and appreciate both hectic and less busy shifts. Anything can happen during a festival! As an event crew, one should also be available for shifts before the festival period. There are many things that can be prepared for ahead when Ekstremsportveko is getting ready to make its mark on Voss.

If this is you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you!

Head of Marketing
Aud Helen Singstad
+47 97 76 66 56