Last Tuesday

Events Last Tuesday: Political Debate + Dinner + DJ + Amber Forte Scandic Terrassen Sun 27.06 at 17:30 Get Tickets

Last Tuesday on Sunday

Last Tuesday is an annual event organized by Ekstremsportveko, Næringshagen på Voss and Destinasjon Voss, in collaboration with our sponsor Sparebanken Vest. This year’s event will take place at Scandic Terrassen on Sunday 27th of June.

At this year’s Last Tuesday there will be a political debate, dinner and an inspiring talk by BASE jumper and skydiver Amber Forte.

At the political debate, Norwegian Politicians such as Abid Raja (Venstre), Hege Lothe (SV), Nils Bjørke (SP), Silje Hjemdal (FRP), Tage Pettersen (H) and Linda Merkesdal (AP) will participate.

The politicians will be debating the prospects for a good collaboration between the business, culture, sports and event industry in Norway, as well as how they as politicians can contribute to influencing this collaboration. They will also address how politicians can facilitate to rebuild industries and organizations that are dependent on volunteer work, but which have been embossed by a lot of uncertainty for over a year.

This year’s talk will be given by Amber Forte, a Guinness World Records holding BASE jumper and skydiver who suffered severe injuries in a skydive accident in 2019. In her talk “Chasing the happy meal” we will learn more about Amber and get an inspiring talk that will challenge your look on life in extreme sports. Read more about Amber Forte here.


Program Last Tuesday:
17.30 - Opening/info
17.45 - Political debate
18.30 - DJ + Dinner + Q&A
19.30 - Talk with Amber Forte: “Chasing the happy meal”
20.30 - Stream: Live studio
21.00 - Todays Video
21.30 - Concert: Eirik Aas
22:30 - Concert: Helge Boge

TICKET Prices Last Tuesday
550 NOK - Last Tuesday Ticket
750 NOK - Last Tuesday Ticket + Dinner 

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