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There’a plenty BASE sites within an hour drive from Voss. Huge wingsuit exits (biggest 1450 meter), big walls for tracking and loads of slider down cliffs. We recommend you have some big cliff experiance, before you come here. Our cliffs have the same rockdrop as Kjerag (10 sec plus), but it’s definantly more “interesting”, when you start picking up speed. In Kjerag you track towards the water and have the cliff behind you. Here there’s cliff on your sides and sometimes also in front of you. If you have no big wall experiance, we reccomend you to go to Kjerag (heliboogie) first.

When you get to Voss for Veko, email Hege – to make sure you get on the basejumper Messenger thread.

To participate on the helicopter day we organize in Gudvangen, to the exit Sparkling diamonds. You need the experiance of 100 basejumps. This event has a lot of spectators and media coverage. If you don’t know the head of base, please write her an email with a reccomendation from someone who can vouch for you on this email:

New for this year is that we’re cooperating with the Vikings of Njardarheimr! An authentic viking camp in Gudvangen. We’re gonna go up to Tres Amigos, jump off and land in the vikingcamp!! Then there’s a surprise……. Those who are not experienced enough to wingsuit it (not a beginner place), can go slider down. The view from that exit is amazing. You’re looking down at the big waterfall! Totally worth the hike and you have the chance to be buzzed by some really good flyers 😉

There will be organized loads, with car shuttles going to: The Vassbygdi exit, Tres amigos and Friskus. We are in for A LOT of fun!


Hikers in the district of Aurland are advised NOT to access Nebbet, Kammen and Sparkling on the front side due to loose rocks at the top of the cliffs and the risk of rockslides!

And… This year we’re doing the heliday in Gudvangen on tuesday!

 For the spectators:

* Please do not contact the head of base (Hege) regarding you joining on a hike to watch a basejump from the exit. It’s a very busy week and we can not take the responsability for people hiking back down alone in what is usually very steep terrain.

* Please consider using the festivalbus to Gudvangen on the helicopter day! There’s not a lot of parkinglots. Some events spectators have had to park more than 2 kilometers away from the arena..