Head 2 Head

Kayaking Head2Head Bjørke Sat 29.06 at 14:00 Sign up


Event/competition time & date 

Saturday 30th of June, 14.00



Description of the event/competition concept

Ekstremsportveko’s Head to Head competition is an exciting boater cross, where 3-5 kayakers race against each other. Starting at a ramp or seal launch, the kayakers will fight their way down a course which includes gates and/or touch banners. The fastest (1 or 2) paddlers, who successfully navigate all the gates and touch banners, proceed to the next round until the final. The first paddler of the final heat who touches the finish banner wins the competition.  

This year the Head to Head competition will take place in beautiful Bjørke*. The bridge crossing the river gives the spectators a great view of the competition to watch the spectacle unfold. The Raundalselva is currently protected under varig vern due to its importance for natural diversity, cultural heritage, and outdoor life. This event will bring attention to the beauty and uniqueness of this river, and why it is so important to the local community. 

This competition is designed to be inclusive and is suitable for most levels. Whether you have only been on the river a few times and still have a shaky roll, an up-and-coming teenager or you are already insta-famous, there is something for everyone at this competition. The day will be filled with laughter, smiles, and fun, and we encourage everyone to get involved.

The mandatory race meeting will be held 1 hour before the competition is due to start.

The aim is to have the gates set up the day before, so training on the course will be possible before the race meeting, and between the meeting and the start of the competition. We ask that all participants clear the race course 10 minutes before the first race is due to begin.

*(The competition can be moved if water levels require it). 



Are you relatively new to kayaking? You should have been in a kayak a few times, and feel comfortable paddling forward in a gentle current (think low water Upper Stranda). Maybe you have learned to roll in the pool but haven’t quite translated that to the river yet. Then this category is for you! 


You’re a confident class 3 kayaker and can roll in moving water. You don’t think twice about the Upper Stranda, and are progressing onto the Lower Stranda and Playrun sections at certain water levels.


You’re a solid class 4/4+ kayaker and would race on the Brandseth or the top of the Myrkdal.


If you are under 18, you can sign up for this category. If you are aged 15 or above you can choose to compete in one of the adult categories instead, if you wish. 


All levels


  • Kayak
  • Helmet
  • Whitewater-rated buoyancy aid
  • Adequate apparel for swimming in cold water

Meeting point 

By the bridge in Bjørke

GPS coordinates: (60.6424196, 6.5262092)


Race Rules

For racers who competed in the main kayaking race, the racer’s ranking will be determined by their position in the first round of the main race. For other racers, the ranking will be random or based on sign-up time.

The racer with the best ranking position can choose his place at the start of the next heat, and so on until all positions have been decided.

The course will include certain mandatory gates and/or touch banners. The course will be explained in the race meeting. 

The winning boat is the one whose hand touches the finish banner first, having completed all the mandatory moves. If multiple kayakers miss the mandatory moves, the winner will be the first person to touch the banner with the smallest number of mistakes.

Protests / Appeals

There is a protest fee of 500 NOK, to lodge an official claim against any competitor/gate judge. The complaint will be dealt with by a jury, but there is no guarantee that the complaint will change anything.

Contact rules

BoaterX is not a battle, and we wish for all competitors to still be smiling on the finish line. For safety reasons, it is important to have some simple contact rules:

Keep both hands on the paddle;

Keep your paddle and kayak away from other people’s bodies;

You cannot paddle across someone else’s body;

Kayak-on-kayak contacts are allowed, and it is possible to push someone offline or block a gate by pushing their kayak with your kayak.

Violations of these rules or dangerous actions against other competitors will lead to immediate disqualification. 


Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: 22th of June