Head of Skateboarding

Asher Zalchendler



🔥 Voss Aktivitets Skatepark: A Vibrant Hub for Skate Culture

Nestled in the heart of the local scene, Voss Aktivitets Skatepark stands as a vibrant testament to the spirit of skateboarding. As Ekstremsportsveko approaches, it's not just a chance to showcase our Skating Oasis – it's about sharing our passion with the Veko guests who come to join us in our skateboarding mecca.

💥 2024 Skateboarding Program: Uniting the Community

Our Skateboarding Program for 2024 is more than just a lineup of events – it's a call to arms for the diverse skateboarding community to come together and push the boundaries. From serious competitions inspired by the likes of SLS and Olympic qualifiers to laid-back, creative showcases, we've curated a lineup that speaks to every skater's soul.

🏆 Serious Competition, Endless Fun

With a heavy schedule of six adrenaline-fueled events and coaching sessions throughout the week, we're leaving the closing weekend wide open for one thing: letting loose at the music tent and emptying the tank. Because after a week of pushing limits and chasing dreams, it's time to kick back, crank up the tunes, and celebrate the pure joy of skateboarding with our fellow shredders. Remember, we encourage all skaters to wear helmets and pads, whenever you are chasing the shred! Don't wait until you wreck yourself! 🤘 Join Us for the Ride

Whether you're a seasoned vet or just starting out, there's a place for you in our tribe. So grab your deck, soak in the vibes, and prepare to experience the essence of skate culture at Voss Aktivitets Skatepark. The stage is set, the wheels are spinning – let's make some memories that'll last a lifetime! 🛹🎶

Hit up Asher, this year's Head of Skateboarding, with all your Skate-related questions.