Head of Skateboard

Trym Kittang Andersen


Since the late 1940s, when surfers in California started attaching roller skater wheels to wooden boxes to go “sidewalk surfing” on days when waves were flat, skateboarding has developed a lot.

Today one mainly divides skateboarding into street skate (doing tricks on flat ground and/or elements) and vert skating (skating half pipes or bowls). It's a technical sport that requires balance, some guts, and tons of patience. Skateboarding can also be seen as an art form, where lack of creativity (and maybe some fear) is the only limit to what one could achieve on a skateboard.

Skateboarding in Voss

In 2022, the long-awaited Voss activity park opened on Prestegardlandet. In the heart of Voss and right next to Ekstremsportveko's festival arena, set in a stunning location nestled between water and mountains. Voss aktivitetspark is a playground for everyone that likes to have fun and suits beginners as well as experts. If you like to skate, rollerblade, street bike, this park is something you definitely should check out. 

If we have rainy days we still have our old Voss Skatehall at Tvildemoen, which is good arena to have year-around. Hope to see you in 2023. We're so stoked, soooo stoked! 

Come to Ekstremsportveko and enjoy the ride!


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