Head of Skating

Christian Fernando Lambach


Since the late 1940s, when surfers in California started attaching roller skater wheels to wooden boxes to go “sidewalk surfing” on days when waves were flat, skateboarding has developed a lot.

Today one mainly divides skateboarding into street skate (doing tricks on flat ground and/or elements) and vert skating (skating half pipes or bowls). It's a technical sport that requires balance, some guts and tons of patience. Skateboarding can also be seen as an art form, where lack of creativity (and maybe some fear) is the only limit to what one could achieve on a skateboard.

Skateboarding in Voss

We are on fire that the Voss community has started to work on a new skate park (check out the project). The work will hopefully be completed around June 2021 ready for next year's VEKO, if weather and other factors permitting it. This year we will build a temporary skatepark, where there will be held both mini ramp competition and street skate competition.

Come to VEKO and enjoy the ride!