Skydive Voss

So you’re convinced to visit Voss and Ekstremsportveko? Mark the dates in your calendar, get your tickets and start planning for the most awesome week in 2020. We are gathering all our favorite people and are planning on making this year even better than ever before, so get your favorite friends in on the fun, and join us!



Skydive Voss (Voss Fallskjermklubb) was founded in 1978 and today Skydive Voss is the most active club in Norway. Skydive Voss is located in Bømoen, approximately 3 km outside the town centre. The club house has accommodation for up to 40 people. The club rents an airplane in the main season, which is from end of April until September, and between 15 000 – 18 000 jumps are executed every summer.

The club offers tandem jumps all summer and this is a great way to get a taste of skydiving. If you want to become a skydiver, Skydive Voss offers courses almost weekly throughout the summer. Ekstremsportveko and Voss Freefly Festival have given the club a great reputation as one of the world’s best jumping venues. The nature around Voss is unique, with breathtaking mountains and fjords, thus the “innhopps” we organize create unique experiences for the athletes visiting Voss. “Innhopp” is a concept developed in Voss which slowly has become an international concept.

For more information or to BOOK a tandem skydive call 56 51 10 00 or see Skydive Voss.