NB! Details and more information about the competition/or event will be updated in March, so stay tuned!

Voss is a great place for speedflying. And since we love speedflying, we will try to organize as much flying as possible every day all week. We will organize shuttle, heli lifts and guided trips to different exits. We will also collaborate with PG and Skydiving for fun and challenging competitions.

But please note that Speedflying is an outdoor sport, so changing weather conditions may lead to changes in the program.

We will have activities for the unexperienced pilot as well as activities reserved for the experienced.

See each activity for details. Some events have limitations on how many that can participate due to logistics.

To join any speedflying activity you will need a participant pass as well as a valid license and insurance.

For pilots from abroad without Norwegian license, please contact us for more information.