Head of Speedflying

Arne Christian Eide



It all begins with just a short sprint off the side of a mountain and once that wing catches flight you will be on the glide of your life. Feeling the wind beneath your wings as you fly through the mountains is a feeling you won’t soon forget. It is an exhilarating – and a unique experience.

Speedflying in Voss

Ekstremportveko is a great place for us speedflying pilots to come together and fly some amazing mountains while making some new friends in the process. We are organizing shuttle, heli lifts, guided hikes and social activities. 

Please note that Speedflying is an outdoor sport, so changing weather conditions may lead to changes in the program.

Join our Speedflying FB event HERE. Here we will keep you updated on weather forecast, any changes to the program and other related SPG information. 

To join any speed flying activity you will need an Athlete pass as well as a valid license and insurance.

For pilots from abroad without a Norwegian license, please contact us for more information.

In sports without a federation, or where this is not decided or clear, Ekstremsportveko will at all times rely on its principles and values. That is why Ekstremsportveko condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ekstremsportveko excludes Russia and Belarus from organized sports competitions, championships and cups. Athletes and guests from these countries can participate in Ekstremsportveko outside of organized competitions, championships and cups, where one does not represent Russia or Belarus. The exclusion does not apply to athletes under 18 years of age (junior). If an athlete chooses to circumvent these regulations, one may be deleted from the starting list and/or the result list.