The honorable citizen of Voss

Do you have what it takes to be an “Honorable Citizen of Voss” ?

There will be one woman and one man who will be crowned with the title and get a special prize as a symbol of being an “Honorable Citizen of Voss.” In order to win this prestigious title you need to be a versatile athlete and achieve good results in many competitions.


2019: Arne Haugland (NOR) and Beth Morgan (GBR)


2017: Mark Basso (NOR) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2016: Johan Larsson (SWE) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2015: Jamie Sutton (NZL) and Toni George (NZL)

2014: Eirik Øvreeide (NOR) and Toni George (NZL)

2013: Marcio Franco (BRA) and Toni George (NZL)