The honorable citizen of Voss

Do you have what it takes to be the “Honorable Citizen of Voss”?


One woman and one man will be crowned with the title and get a special prize as a symbol of being an “Honorable Citizen of Voss.” To win this prestigious title, you need to be a versatile athlete and achieve good results in many different competitions.

We've made some changes to the Honorable Citizen of Voss this year. The goal is to give different sports a fair shot at shining and fighting for the top spot. We want to recognize awesome performances and versatility in different sorts of sports, 'cause that's what makes Ekstremsportveko and Voss so special.

So, here's the deal: only the three best results (points) in each sport will count towards the final score this time. We believe this switch will make things even more exciting and draw in more people who want to take a shot at the title.

We can't wait for Ekstremsportveko 2023 to kick off! We're expecting some epic battles to determine the "honorable citizen of Voss." It's going to be a blast, sign up and secure your spot! Who knows? Perhaps you're the one destined for the prestigious title. It's time to step up and make your mark!

This is what you need to know for honorable citizen of Voss 2023:

  • You must sign up for the Honorable Citizen of Voss. The reason for this is that we can track you the whole week and validate your points and ranking.
  • Compete in as many competitions as you can.
    NOTE! If you compete in several competitions in one sport, only your 3 best results will count for points in the overall result.
  • Ekstremsportveko decides which competitions will be ranked as amateur- or elite competitions. Explanations for this are down below.
  • This year’s change will make the honorable citizen of Voss even more excited and thrilled. So, our advice for you is, to start training.


2023: Rasmus Normann (NOR) and Dominika Adamcova (CZ)

2022: Oliver Thorsen (NOR) and Caroline Onarheim (NOR)

2021: Arne Haugland (NOR) and Hilde Strædet (NOR)

2020: Ekstremsportveko was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic

2019: Arne Haugland (NOR) and Beth Morgan (GBR)

2018: Adrian Hilde (NOR) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2017: Mark Basso (NOR) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2016: Johan Larsson (SWE) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2015: Jamie Sutton (NZL) and Toni George (NZL)

2014: Eirik Øvreeide (NOR) and Toni George (NZL)

2013: Marcio Franco (BRA) and Toni George (NZL)

Point score system

Points to collect in individual elite competitions (Competitions that include elite/pro classes such as Nationals, European and world cups)

1st place – 100 p  11th place – 24 p 21th place – 10 p
2nd place – 80 p 12th place – 22 p 22th place – 9 p
3rd place –  60 p 13th place – 20 p 23th place – 8 p
4th place – 50 p 14th place – 18 p 24th place – 7 p
5th place – 45 p 15th place- 16 p 25th place – 6 p
6th place – 40 p   16th place – 15 p 26th place – 5 p
7th place – 36 p 17th place – 14 p 27th place – 4 p
8th place – 32 p 18th place – 13 p 28th place – 3 p
9th place – 29 p  19th place- 12 p 29th place – 2 p
10th place – 26 p 20th place – 11 p 30th place or below-1p


Points to collect in team competitions and/or participation in amateur classes (Example: sports class in MTB Gullfjordungen Urban Downhill, PG precision competition):

1st place – 50 p

2nd place – 40 p

3rd place – 30 p

4th place – 20 p

5th place – 10 p

6th place – 8 p

7th place – 6 p

8th place – 4 p

9th place – 2 p

10th place or below – 1p