The honorable citizen of Voss

Do you have what it takes to be an “Honorable Citizen of Voss”?


There will be one woman and one man who will be crowned with the title and get a special prize as a symbol of being an “Honorable Citizen of Voss.” In order to win this prestigious title, you need to be a versatile athlete and achieve good results in many competitions.


2019: Arne Haugland (NOR) and Beth Morgan (GBR)

2018: Adrian Hilde (NOR) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2017: Mark Basso (NOR) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2016: Johan Larsson (SWE) and Kamilla Sporsheim (NOR)

2015: Jamie Sutton (NZL) and Toni George (NZL)

2014: Eirik Øvreeide (NOR) and Toni George (NZL)

2013: Marcio Franco (BRA) and Toni George (NZL)

Do you plan to compete in different sports?

Our advice is:

Sign up for lots of competitions. Get good results and you will gain more points.