Head of Vossakrigar

Marius Brakestad



Tired of comfort? Join Vossakrigar to voluntarily press yourself out of your comfort zone! Diving in ice-cold water, doing some heavy lifting, go high and low to get thru obstacles are just some to describe this competition. You need to have a strong body and mind this day. Vossakrigar is inspired by military OCR runs, no mercy! A high pulse from the start is guaranteed, you will be tired of this competition!

Obstacle course in Voss

Here at Voss, we have designed our own version called Vossakrigar. This is a sprint obstacle course, a race designed to give you challenging and unconventional obstacles with both dry land and water elements. The course is built to test your strength, balance, patience, and mental toughness, BUT most importantly your WILL to BEAT YOURSELF and become this year’s Vossakrigar champion.

There will be a qualification first, and only the best will make it to the finals. We wish you the best of luck!