Terms of purchase

Ekstremsportveko, Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions are valid from 1st of March 2015.


Stiftinga Ekstreme Voss, organization number 984 522 843 (“Ekstremsportveko”) sells tickets and sports passes through the website www.ekstremsportveko.com. For you as a customer, it means that Stiftinga Ekstreme Voss is responsible for distributing tickets and passes to you as an organizer of these events. A ticket or pass bought through www.ekstremsportveko.com constitutes a legal contract between the organizer and you as a customer. The ticket terms and your rights when a ticket is bought are described further in this document.


2.1. Accepting the terms

The terms are accepted when you create a profile at Ekstremsportveko.com to purchase tickets. Ekstremsportveko has the right to change the terms of use without notifying the users. At the same time, Ekstremsportveko has the right to exclude users, who have, by using our services, abused the Norwegian Law, these terms of use or the organizers terms. To purchase tickets through Ekstremsportveko you need to be 12 years or older, but Ekstremsportveko as an organizer has the right to set a higher age limit at events which includes alcohol. The given age limit at the various events is the valid one. When purchasing a ticket you declare that you have understood the age limit at the given event, and that you are old enough to purchase the specific ticket. There is no refunds on tickets that are purchased, hence the angrerettsloven § 19 letter b; for more information please check section 9.

2.2. Privacy Policy

Once you create a profile with personal information, you agree to let Ekstremsportveko save and distribute your information to a third party (NETS) that handles the payment transaction. Further you agree to let Ekstremsportveko send you information about our services until you reserve to no longer receive the given information. To improve your user experience, Ekstremsportveko may save “cookies” on your local hard drive. As a user you can choose to deactivate the cookies in your browser. This is regulated in the “Law of digital communication -§ 2-7b, use of information cookies.” Ekstremsportveko makes sure the personal information given, at all time, are legally treated and saved. General Manager at Ekstremsportveko is responsible for making sure the privacy policy is followed. To see what information Ekstremsportveko holds of you, please log into your account at www.ekstremsportveko.com Your personal information can be edited, and if necessary, be deleted. Ekstremsportveko recommends to not delete any profiles until the event is concluded, and takes no responsibility if a user has given the wrong personal details or if the profile is deleted.

2.3. Limited Use

Based on no specific agreement between Ekstremsportveko and the user, Ekstremsportveko base the terms of use on the user as a private person and not as a company. The user may not under any circumstances distribute, change, publish, monitor or/and manipulate published material at Ekstremsportveko.com


Ekstremsportveko accepts VISA, Mastercard and BankAxess. We use NETS’ technology for payment transactions. Other than this we use approved systems offered by the banks. Our website if protected by SSL-technology (Secure Socket Layer).


The user chooses the products and amounts one wishes on our website. The amount to pay is described at each of the sections you need to go through in the payment process. We want to clarify that neither the participation fee nor the tickets are mandatory to VAT. Tickets/a confirmation of your purchase will normally be sent to the given e-mail address or the phone number which was given when purchasing the products. The ticket will also be registered in our database, and you may receive your wristband by showing a valid ID card at our registration/ticket desk if the digital or hard copy ticket is not available at the given time. The user needs to show a valid ID card in order to get his wristband.


Based on general conditions, Ekstremsportveko as an organizer has the right to cancel or move the event. Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or canceled after the payment has gone through.

Ekstremsportveko is not responsible for any deficiencies, changes and cancellations due to force majeure or force majeure-like events, e.g. events that the organizer has not been able to predict, avoid or avert (e.g. breach of contract, strike, at the conclusion of the agreement) , difficult weather conditions, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.). Purchased tickets will not be refunded because of force majeure. 


All purchased tickets are personal and shall be picked up by showing a valid ID card. If your ticket is digital or printed, it may be assigned to a third party. The ticket can only be used once and will not be valid after you register. It is your own responsibility to purchase the correct ticket, give the correct personal details, and make the correct payment in addition to take care of your ticket, username and password. If your payment is delayed, interests may occur.


Ekstremsportveko guarantees that the services are processed with care and skills. We do not guarantee that the event you purchased tickets to meets your personal expectations. You can only make a claim against Ekstremsportveko and Ekstremsportveko’s partners, employees and volunteers for the direct loss. The loss is at all times limited to the amount Ekstremsportveko claimed for the services/product.


Norwegian law regulates the terms of use. Any dispute or claim will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than in court. The user may consult with the consumer council. If the parties are not able to agree on the given terms, the dispute can be taken to the court of Consumer Council. The user may choose to take the dispute to Norwegian court.


After a ticket is purchased through Ekstremsportveko, you hold no right to get the ticket reimbursed. This is regulated through the angrerettsloven § 19 letter b.