Volunteer jobs

Want to volunteer with us? Register your interest here and we will send you an email when our new volunteer system is open for registration. Remember to save the date 27th June to the 4th of July.

Any job is an important job and we appreciate the effort the volunteers do! We promise you a friendly work environment and give you an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and have fun at work! Information about different volunteer jobs:

We host several activities during Ekstremsportveko. Your task would be to help organize the activities.

We have an activity booking area next to our Festival Tent. A complete list of activities and things to do at Veko will be available. Your job will be to help people book their chosen activity, answer questions they may have, and be their guide to how they can experience Veko the best possible way! Good knowledge of Voss and its surroundings is a criterion.

At the festival arena, we offer drinks to buy during today's video, events, and concerts. To help prevent big lines and to be able to give excellent service we need tidy and smiley people. The main task of working in the bars is to prepare and serve drinks to guests and make sure the bar is clean and functional. It”s a great opportunity to be part of the customer experience at Veko, and enjoy the great vibes Voss has to offer. You must be over 18 years of age to apply for this position.

In the festival tent, we offer food and drinks to buy. To help prevent big lines and to be able to give excellent service we need tidy and smiley people. The main task of working in the café is to prepare and serve food and drinks to guests, and to make sure that everything is tidy and in order.

To pay for drinks and food the guest needs a cashless card. The cashless card can be bought and refilled at the Festival Tent. The tasks for the volunteer will be to assist Cashless and help people refill their cards.

Do you like to put a smile on people's faces? Are you outgoing, positive and want to make the day for our volunteers and spectators even better? Our SPV Joy Patrol will hand out drinks, sweets, hugs and make people happy! And also make sure that the volunteer tent is nice and cozy, so all the volunteers can drop by and relax and chat for a while.

At the festival camp, you have different tasks during your volunteer work such as welcoming and register guests, handle payments and make sure our campers get the information needed. It is a great atmosphere at the camp and a great place to do your volunteering job.

Fire Guard: Each Fire Guard will be placed at an emergency exit at the festival area. This is one of the most important tasks during the festival. The Fire Guards job is to make sure that everybody gets out safely in case of an evacuation. Each guard will be placed at a different emergency exit on each shift. Stage Security If you´ve ever been to a large concert, you´ve seen these guys between the stage and the crowd. The job of the Stage Security is to make sure everybody in the front rows at the concert are OK. You will hand out water, help those who need help and overlook the general security. You will work alongside professional security guards. The Head of security will give instructions in advance.

Before and after the Festival we need people who can help us with all sorts of work such as moving, carrying and collecting different things. Some heavy loads might occur, but you will never work alone, always in teams!!

The main task of this job is to register artists, athletes, and co-workers with a wristband and sell tickets. This is a busy job from times to times and the volunteer needs to stay sharp and be ready to answer a million questions the visitors often ask.

Every year Ekstremsportveko has its own collection of Hoods and Tees. If you´re a salesperson, this is the place to be!

As a photographer, you will capture images from our sports events, activities, sponsors and our festival. A meeting with our photographers will take place before Veko entitle the various tasks in-between the photographers.

Our media crew makes sure that our website is up-to-date at all time, writes news articles, sends out press releases, captures the Veko mood, updating social media, and make sure that all national and international press gets the information they need.

Our Todays Video crew makes sure that we capture the Veko mood. Running around shooting from all the activities and edit it together. Making sure that everyone gets to see what has been going on that day in the festival tent at 21.00. Today´s Video also collaborate and make content for the television company. This is the heart of Veko, when everybody is rooting for each other and sharing their love for their sport.

If you work within sports, your task can be everything from put up banners at the sports arena, helping out on the parking lot, safety or simply hand out water to the athletes. All to ensure the competition runs smoothly.

Use this opportunity to capture your dream job or have fun with our team!

Saturday the day before Veko kicks off, we welcome ALL volunteers to our information meeting.

Contact Iselin Larsen, she is our Head of Volunteers and can answer everything about volunteering. Reach her at +47 482 38 827 or send an e-mail at frivillig@ekstremsportveko.com