Volunteer jobs


Seize this opportunity to pursue your dream job or have fun with our team. Read on to discover the various roles you can choose from:

In the festival tent, we have a Diner where our guests can sit down, relax, enjoy good food, and socialize over drinks. Your role in the crew is vital because you’ll:

  • Smile: Greet each guest with a smile and a warm welcome.

  • Lead the Experience: Check in with guests and ensure they are having a great time.

  • Serve Excellent Food: Prepare and present delicious meals.

  • Ensure a Memorable Visit: Maintain a welcoming, friendly, and clean dining environment.

  • Teamwork is Dreamwork: Collaborate with your team to create a positive experience and, most importantly, have fun!

At the festival arena, we offer drinks for purchase during todays video, events, and concerts. To provide excellent service and prevent long lines, we need organized and friendly individuals. Your main tasks will be to prepare and serve drinks to guests and ensure the bar is clean and functional.

This role is a fantastic opportunity to be a key part of the customer experience at Veko and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that Voss has to offer. You must be over 18 years of age to apply for this position.

Join our Event Crew and assist with the distribution of Ekstremsportveko Expo and sponsor materials during events. You'll handle varied tasks to ensure our events run smoothly.
As part of the Event Crew, you should be quick on your feet, proactive in finding solutions, enjoy helping out, and have good knowledge of Voss. You should be comfortable with both hectic and quieter shifts, as anything can happen during a festival.

Event Crew members should also be available for shifts before the festival period, as there are many preparations needed to ensure Ekstremsportveko makes a significant impact on Voss.

Do you love putting smiles on people's faces? Are you outgoing, positive, and eager to brighten the day for our volunteers and spectators? Join our Volunteer service and Joy Patrol, where your main tasks will be handing out drinks, sweets, and hugs to spread happiness! 

You'll also ensure that the volunteer tent is welcoming and cozy, providing a space where volunteers can relax and chat. If you enjoy making people happy and fostering a positive atmosphere, this is the perfect role for you!

As a volunteer at the festival camp, you'll have various tasks, including welcoming and registering guests, handling payments, and ensuring campers receive the information they need.

The camp has a fantastic atmosphere, making it a great place to volunteer and contribute to a positive festival experience for all attendees.

Fire Guard:
As a Fire Guard, you'll be stationed at an emergency exit within the festival area. This is one of the most critical roles during the festival. Your main responsibility is to ensure everyone evacuates safely in case of an emergency. You will be assigned to a different emergency exit for each shift.

Stage Security:
If you've ever attended a large concert, you've seen the stage security team between the stage and the crowd. As part of the Stage Security team, your job is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in the front rows during concerts. You will hand out water, assist those in need, and monitor overall security. You will work alongside professional security guards, with instructions provided in advance by the Head of Security.

Before and After the Festival:
We need people to assist with various tasks such as moving, carrying, and collecting different items. Some tasks may involve heavy lifting, but you will always work in teams and never alone. Your help is essential in preparing the festival site before it begins and dismantling everything afterward.

During the Festival:
Volunteers in this role play a crucial part in ensuring the festival runs smoothly while minimizing its ecological impact. You'll be involved in various tasks centered around sustainability and environmental stewardship. Your responsibilities may include managing recycling stations and maintaining cleanliness throughout the festival grounds. Your work not only helps create a greener festival but also allows you to experience the event firsthand as you contribute! 

Your main responsibility in this role is to register artists, athletes, and staff with wristbands and handle ticket sales. It can be a fast-paced job at times, requiring you to stay alert and be prepared to answer visitors' numerous questions.

Are you a natural salesperson? Join us at Ekstremsportveko where you can sell our exclusive collection of hoods and tees. It's the perfect opportunity for sales enthusiasts!

Are you versatile, flexible, and ready to be our "jack-of-all-trades"? Join the Up for Anything Crew! In this team, you'll work in an assisting role, tackling various tasks with speed and responsiveness. From assisting the big boss in moving a car to putting up fences, you'll undertake whatever basic tasks are needed to ensure the festival runs smoothly. If you're up for anything, we want you on our team!

Join our Today's Video crew and capture the vibrant spirit of Veko! You'll be running around, filming all the activities, and editing them together to showcase the day's highlights. At 21:00, everyone gets to see what's been happening in the festival tent.

The Today's Video team also collaborates to create content for television companies, sharing the love for sports and the camaraderie of Veko. Join the heart of Veko and be part of a team where everyone roots for each other!

Learn more about the TODAY'S VIDEO CREW

Join our dynamic media crew and play a crucial role in keeping our social medias and online presence vibrant and up-to-date! From maintaining our website to writing news articles and sending out press releases, you'll ensure that Veko's latest updates are accessible to all.

Capture the energetic Veko mood, engage with our audience on social media platforms, and ensure that both national and international press have the information they need. Be part of the team that spreads the excitement of Veko to the world!

Learn more about the MEDIA CREW

Join us as a photographer and seize the opportunity to capture stunning images of our sports events, activities, sponsors, and the vibrant atmosphere of our festival.
Before Veko begins, there will be a meeting with our photographers to discuss the various tasks and assignments. Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your skills and creativity behind the lens at Veko!

Join us in organizing the exciting activities during Ekstremsportveko! Your role involves coordinating various events, including the beloved "Hyggemeterskogen," where families and kids can participate in a range of engaging activities.

Your creativity and organizational skills will help ensure that everyone has a fantastic time exploring and enjoying the diverse activities offered at the festival. Join our team and be part of creating memorable experiences for all attendees!

Join our team at the activity booking area next to our Festival Tent! You'll have access to a complete list of activities and attractions at Veko. Your responsibilities will include assisting people in booking their chosen activities, answering any questions they may have, and providing guidance on how they can make the most of their Veko experience.

A good knowledge of Voss and its surroundings is essential for this role, as you'll be helping visitors navigate the area and discover all the exciting opportunities available during the festival. Join us and be a part of ensuring everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time at Veko!

Join our sports team and contribute to the smooth running of the competition! Your tasks may include setting up banners at the sports arena, assisting with parking, ensuring safety measures are in place, or providing water to athletes.

Your efforts are essential to ensuring that the competition runs seamlessly and that athletes have the best possible experience. Join us in supporting the excitement and energy of Veko's sports events!

All roles are valued!
Don't miss our info meeting on Saturday, 22nd, the day before Ekstremsportveko kicks off.

Questions? Email us at frivillig@ekstremsportveko.com