Volunteer terms and conditions

Voluntary benefits:

  • Work three shifts = receive free access to Ekstremsportveko festival
  • Volunteer tee
  • One meal per shift
  • Gain valuable work experience and receive a voluntary certificate
  • Forge new friendships and have lots of fun!
  • Get various discounts at local activities 
  • Ekstremsportveko is committed to providing a supportive working environment for you

By accepting these terms, I commit to the following:

  • Participate as a volunteer during Ekstremsportveko 2024. If unable to do so, I will promptly contact the volunteer team as the festival relies on my assistance.
  • Attend my three agreed shifts, dressed in my volunteer tee, and ready to work.
  • Arrive sober and on time for my shift, and work until its completion.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol while wearing my volunteer tee and representing the festival.
  • Conduct myself respectfully while wearing my volunteer tee, refraining from any behavior that may tarnish Ekstremsportveko's reputation.
  • Remain vigilant throughout the festival's closing period, reporting any issues or emergencies to security promptly.
  • Notify the volunteer team if running late for my shift or unable to attend due to illness.
  • Abstain from making statements to the press on behalf of Ekstremsportveko.
  • Act as a positive ambassador for the festival, contributing to a pleasant working environment through a positive attitude and patience.

I understand that failure to attend agreed shifts and check-in as a volunteer will result in receiving an invoice for a full-price Extreme festival pass from Ekstremsportveko.

If you are an athlete and volunteering you also accept and commit to the declaration of responsibility (stated below):

Every person participating in activities organized by the official organizers during Ekstremsportveko must be registered before participation. No one can participate without showing a valid registration ribbon and other documentation demanded by the organizer.

Ekstremsportveko shortened to ESV:

  1. I am aware and accept that participation in ESV involves risks related to all activities.
  2. I am aware and accept that all actions taken by me during ESV are of my sole responsibility and of free will.
  3. I am aware and accept that the organizer and other people involved in the organizing can in no circumstances be held responsible for any of my own actions during the event.
  4. I am aware and accept that the organizer and other people involved in the organizing in no way can be held responsible for any physical or psychological injury I may cause others or myself.
  5. I am aware and accept that the organizer and other people involved in the organizing cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items.
  6. I am aware that photos and video is recorded during ESV. I permit ESV to use the recordings as desired.
  7. I feel confident that my skills are good enough for me to participate in the competitions, and I will compete in control so that I do not put myself or others at unnecessary risk.
  8. I am aware that I am not insured through ESV, however, I am recommended to have my own insurance to participate at ESV.
  9. As a participant, I will not be intoxicated by any alcohol or drugs in competitions during ESV.
  10. I am aware and accept that it is my own responsibility to resist from participating in any sports or activity during ESV if personal-, health-, equipment- or other reasons make this irresponsible.
  11. The registration is binding, and there will be no refunds in the case of health issues or injury.
  12. In the case the event you’re participating in is canceled or moved to another location/date, the participants registered for participation on the original date cannot claim refunds for any part of the participation fee. If the event is canceled during the date it is to take place due to the weather/other climate-related events or other events included in force majeure, the participation fee will not be refunded

Athletes under 18 years must bring a signed print from their parents or legal guardian of this declaration: - Open in new tab -