Activities TRY DØDS - Tuesday Vossabadet Tue 28.06 at 13:00 Sign up!
Activities TRY DØDS - Wednesday Vossabadet Wed 29.06 at 11:00 Sign up!



Ekstremsportveko invites you to TRY Death diving, or as we call it in Norwegian "TRY DØDS"!

Chances are you´ve heard of Døds or dødsing lately are big. If you are not familiar with the concept, it is basically that you do a belly flop, and right before you hit the water you tuck together so your knees and arms hit the water first. The popularity of the sport has increased a lot in recent years, and it seems to continue to grow. Ekstremsportveko wants more people to get an insight into this spectacular sport. Therefore, this year you can try DØDS yourself. 

We will be hosting TRY DØDS at Vossabadet on Tuesday 28. June at 13:00 and Wednesday 29.June at 11:00. We welcome both young and more grown-up people to join us. This activity is for all ages, but it is a requirement that you are able to swim. If you are under 10, your parents must accompany you. This is for you who want to learn how to døds for the first time, but also if you have tried it before and want some tips and tricks. Martin Strøm (@martin_stroem) will be the instructor, and he knows how to døds for sure! (Check his Instagram if you'd believe us!). At Vossabadet you will be in safe surroundings, with a deep enough pool, and a lifeguard. Here you can choose to jump and døds from 1m to 3m, or if you have the guts you can send it from 5 m. 

Rumor has it that dødsing occurred in Norway when some friends were to impress some ladies and just have fun. Either way, if you just want to have fun, impress women, learn something new and challenge your comfort zone at the same time, this is for you!

Gather your friends, sign up and join us for this epic day of dødsing in Vossabadet! We can´t wait!

Registration needed: Sign up at the link above. Select the preferred day, and click "sign up". If there are no more tickets, send a mail to, and we´ll see what we can do :)

Price: 150,- NOK.

Activity starts: 13:00 on Tuesday and 11:00 on Wednesday.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours.

Meeting point: Vossabadet (Idrottsvegen 14, 5700 Vossevangen). 

Please bring: Swimwear and towel.


Information or question regarding the activity or booking?

Ekstremsportveko´s activity coordinator Georg Hernes (+47) 976 06 827 or 


Martin Strøm, your instructor, in action! Photo: @williamrodt

Martin Strøm, your instructor, in action! Photo: @williamrodt