Wind Tunnel

Have you ever dreamed about flying like a bird?
Join Ekstremsportveko at Voss Vind and try body flying in secure surroundings.


Flying for the first time?
You do not need any knowledge about flying before you enter the doors at Voss Vind. All packages includes instruction, equipment rental, and an instructor who will be with you at all time when you fly.

Age limit:                        
5 years

Opening hours:              
Every day during Ekstremsportveko 11:00-18:00

1,5 hours


Small package
(2 x 1,5 min per person)
- For those who want to try indoor skydiving and experience the sensation of flying.

Medium package
(4 x 1,5 min per person):
- Our recommended packages that gives your more time to enjoy flying and perhaps allow you to fly all by yourself!

Large package
(6 x 1,5 min per person):
- Our premium package is for those who really want to master their flying. Maybe you will become a skydive enthusiast or proflyer?



Use the code “VekoVind23” when you book!
- This code is important so we can register your booking through Veko!


Limited slots so make sure you book your flight now.
If you can't book the wind tunnel with the ''VekoVind23'' code, please contact us and we will see what we can do!

Information about the activity:
Voss Vind (+47) 401 05 999

Information about booking: 
Ekstremsportveko’s activity coordinator
Rebecha Kristine Røstum (+47) 950 09 478.