Need help getting your ticket, signing up for competitions or finding your way through the jungle? Maybe some of these steps can guide you, if not let us know.

I just need a ticket for the concerts

Ok, the tickets are listed here: Choose the red button for festival program.

I am an athlete

All athletes competing or entering the sports during veko will need to register online and sign the responsibility declaration:
Athletes will also need an athletes pass – choose one by following the blue button:

How do I sign up for sport events?

To sign up for sports events you need to register as an athlete as above. In the sports program you will find sign up buttons for each event which takes you through the steps. If one of the steps says that you need a pass to continue and you already have a pass – click next.

I am a volunteer

All volunteers need to sign up as volunteers:– And we will reward you by sending you a free ticket!  If you are entering the sports events you will also have to register as an athlete as above.

I am accredited

So you get a free ticket lucky you! If you are joining any competitions or sports events you still need to sign up as an athlete as above to get your pass.