Information at the festival
To get information about the festival, you will find all the information you need here on our web page!

During the festival, you will find our information stand next to the entrance of our festival arena. There you can find our lovely local info gals and lads that can help you with any questions you may have. Among the services are:

  • Lost & found
  • Local guides
  • Questions and activity booking

Pro tip: book your activity online here to make sure it’s not full. 

Ekstremsportveko is active on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook – so follow us and keep yourself updated!

Map arenas
Map over the festival venue during Ekstremsportveko

Under 18 years – can I still get access to the festival arena after 19.00 to see concerts?
You need to be at least 18 years old to get access to the festival arena after 19.00.
If you’re under 18 you are welcome to join Ekstremsportveko’s sports and activities.

I am not a professional but would like to book activities during Ekstremsportveko. Can I do it through you?
Yes! We offer various activities and accommodations you can book at our web page. Click here to get an overview of the different activities you may enjoy during our festival.

Where can I get accommodation during Ekstremsportveko?
Click here to see and book various options of accommodation during Ekstremsportveko. Ekstremsportveko has its own camping area, which is located approximately 3 km outside the town centre.

Where can I buy festival tickets for Ekstremsportveko?
You can buy tickets here. You may also buy tickets at our ticket office at festival arena from Sunday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 30th. We encourage everyone to order tickets online.

Where can I exchange my ticket for a wristband?
You can exchange your ticket for a wristband in the ticket office at festival arena from Sunday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 30th.

For accreditation (Athletes, volunteers and others that are sign up) needs to pick up their wristband between 9am to 9pm every day

Where do I register in order to take part in the official sports program during Ekstremsportveko?
You can register online here or in the registration office at the festival arena Hotels Voss from Sunday, June 23rd to Saturday, June 29th. The registration office is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day. After the registration and payment, you’ll get a wristband that indicates you’re an athlete. Skydivers may also register at the Skydiving Club.

Please note that you have to register prior to doing your sport and/or competing and it’s YOUR responsibility to be at the registration office during opening hours. To compete you must have a wristband that indicates you’re an athlete.

What is the difference between this year’s festival passes?
For more information or to buy tickets, click here.
Terms of purchase, click here.

How much does it cost to watch the various sports activities during Ekstremsportveko?
It’s free to watch the various sports at Ekstremsportveko. Get out there and enjoy the spectacular sports and the stunning nature.

Where is the Ekstremsportveko Camp Spot?
Ekstremsportveko encourages everyone to use Ekstremsportvekos Camp Spot up at Bømoen, and please note that camping by the lake is not allowed as the drinking source in Voss is located close by.

Click here to get more information regarding Ekstremsportveko Camp Spot.

What is the age limit for the After Sports events starting from 19.00 at the festival arena?
The age limit is 18 years for the festival arena, except for the lounge where the age limit is 20 years.

Is it possible to take a bus to the sports arenas?
This year Ekstremsportveko will not offer transportation to the sports arena.

Read more about sports locations here.

Who is the owner of Ekstremsportveko?
Ekstremsportveko is actually a non-profit organization named “Stiftinga ekstreme Voss.” There are no private owners behind the foundation. And all profit will go into developing the festival and other positive projects for the sporting communities at Voss. Three full-time positions are needed to administrate the organization throughout the year. In addition to this, Ekstremsportveko relies heavily on positive and hardworking volunteers.