Information at the festival
During the festival you will find our information stand next to the entrance with the ticket service. There you can find out lovely local info lads that can help you with any answer you may have. Among the services are:

  • Lost & found
  • Cashless refund
  • Local guides
  • Questions and activity booking

Pro tip: book your activity online to make sure it’s not full.

Map arenas
Map over venues during Ekstremsportveko

Under 18 years – can I still get in to the festival arena?
Norwegian laws are strict when it comes to serving alcohol. Because of this we do not let anyone under 18 years in after 19.00. But you are welcome to join our sports, activities and to the festival arena before 7 PM.


I would like to book a tandem skydiving jump during Ekstremsportveko – can I book it through you?
Ekstremsportveko is not an adventure company who offers various activities or accommodation. If you would like to experience the beauty of Voss and try out some thrilling activities, you have to book these directly yourself. We offer activity booking in our festival tent, where our volunteers can help you book your activity! Click here to get an overview of the different activities you may do during our festival.


What is Try It?
Try It is our own 4 day adrenaline program for people with little or no experience in the different sports represented at Ekstremsportveko. This program is very popular so you have to book early!


Where can I get accommodation during Ekstremsportveko?
Click here to see and book various options for accommodation during Ekstremsportveko. Ekstremsportveko has its own festival camp, which is located approximately 3 km outside the town centre.


Where can I buy festival tickets for Ekstremsportveko?
You can buy tickets here You may also buy tickets in the ticket office by the main festival tent from June 21th-27th. The ticket office is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day.


Where can I exchange my ticket to a wristband?
You can exchange your ticket to a wristband in the ticket office by the main festival tent from June 21th-27th. The ticket office is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day.


Where do I register in order to take part of the official sport program during Ekstremsportveko?
You can register online here or in the registration office by the main festival tent from June 26th to July 3rd. The registration office is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day. After the registration and payment you´ll get a wristband that indicates you´re an athlete. The skydivers may also register at the Skydiving Club.

Please note that you have to register prior to the competitions and it´s YOUR responsibility to be at the registration office during opening hours. To compete you must have the wristband that indicates you´re an athlete.


What is the difference between Festival Pass and Extreme Pass?
Extreme Pass is an athletes only pass at Ekstremsportveko. This pass includes registration fee and access to all concerts and arenas from Tuesday to Saturday. Festival Pass is for non-athletes. This pass includes access to all concerts and arenas from Tuesday to Saturday.


How much does it cost to watch the various sport activities during Ekstremsportveko?
It´s free to watch the various sports at Ekstremsportveko! Get out there and enjoy the spectacular sports and the stunning nature.


Where is the festival camp?
We encourage everyone to use our camp and please note that camping by the lake is not allowed as the drinking source in Voss is located close by.
Click here to get more information regarding the festival camp.


What is the age limit for the concerts in the Festival Tent
According to Norwegian law, the age limit is 18 years for the concerts in the Festival Tent.


Can we take a bus to the sport arenas?
Yes, there is a free bus going to many of the sport arenas. Due to limited parking at many of the sport arenas, and for environmental reasons, we encourage athletes and spectators to carpool (which means filling your car).


Who is the owner of Ekstremsportveko?
Ekstremsportveko is owned by the non-profit organization “The Ekstreme Voss Foundation.” Voss Rafting Club, Voss Kayak Club, Voss Hang and Paraglider Club and Skydive Voss are the four local clubs who represent Ekstreme Voss. Two full time positions are needed to administrate the organisation all year round. In addition to this, Ekstremsportveko rely heavily on positive and hard working volunteers.


What is Cashless?
Cashless is an electronic payment system that we use in the Festival Tent and the Festival Camp. The reason why we have this system is to make it more efficient for you as a purchaser, less cash handling and to comply with the demands from the authorities for registration and control of turnover. Read more about Cashless here


Why does Ekstremsportveko use Cashless?
1. A safe system in case of robbery as it reduces the cash handling.
2. A faster system for you as a customer, less cueing.
3. You as a customer can get the remaining balance on your card refunded, or potentially use it at other events. This was not the case with our previous system.


Can I get the remaining balance refunded? 
Yes, the only thing you need to do is visit one of the Cashless refill stations, insert your card and press the refund button. You will receive a receipt with a serial number and a refund code which you need to register on my cards on www.cashless.no before the 31st of December 2016.
In addition to the Cashless refill stations at our festival and camp arena during our opening hours, there will also be refill stations open at the festival and camp arena on Sunday 1st of July.


How can I get the remaining balance refunded if I don’t have a receipt/refund code?
Go to my cards on www.cashless.no and register your card. Choose refund on the card you want to be refunded. Fill in the form and return it together with the card to Cashless/Espos, they will then transfer the money back to you.


What happens if I lose my card?
Lost cards, with or without money on them, will not be refunded. Make sure to bring the card with you all the time.


How long is the card valid for? 
The card is valid the entire calendar year it’s bought. The year can be found on the hologram on the back side of the card.


Why isn’t the card valid longer?
Safety, by updating the software to avoid fraud.
It’ natural for the festivals to have an annual settlement of outstanding funds to update their accounts.
The cost of the card covers administration fees which are needed to deal with refunding unused cash.


Where can I find which other festivals that use the Cashless card?
In the menu on the left hand side on www.cashless.no there’s a link to “Festival calendar”.