Veko Lounge

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Welcome to Veko Lounge - Where the Party Countinues!

After the adrenaline-fueled concerts and action of Ekstremsportveko, the excitement doesn't stop there. Join us afterwards at the Veko Lounge, every night from 23:00!

As the music transitions from the main stage to our DJ booth, you'll find yourself grooving to the beats of the best hits, carefully curated to keep you on your feet and in high spirits.Our lineup of DJs knows exactly how to keep the crowd moving, mixing the best hits across genres to cater to every taste.

Please note that Veko Lounge is exclusively for those aged 20 and above. So gather your friends, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and prepare for an epic finale to your Ekstremsportveko experience.

Don't miss out on the epic ending to your night at Ekstremsportveko. Join us at Veko Lounge and let the good times roll!


Boge, an accomplished DJ since the mid-2000s, has been an integral part of various projects, with his prominence notably established as a member of A-Laget and currently as one half of Kickslip, alongside renowned drummer Baard Kolstad.

Beyond his role as a club DJ, Boge has delved into extensive production and remix work across diverse musical genres. His reinterpretations of well-known artists have garnered widespread acclaim from DJs worldwide. Notably, Boge has consistently surprised audiences with bootleg remixes on SoundCloud for the past decade.

As a monthly contributor to Germany's "Planet Radio," Boge curates mixes featuring exclusively club music. Simultaneously, he showcases his versatility under the alias "Bonada," offering a more laid-back ambiance, currently amassing a monthly listenership of 12k.
Recent years have seen Boge grace the stages of some of Norway's largest festivals, captivating audiences as one half of Kickslip. Excitingly, Kickslip is on the brink of unveiling their own musical creations, promising an eagerly anticipated release in the near future.

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Jakob Astrup Sjøtun (23), known by his stage name (JLAS), is a Norwegian DJ and producer who has made his mark on the electronic music scene with his unique blend of energetic sets and passion at various festivals, club venues, and radio stations in Norway.

With an education from LIMPI (known for fostering talents like Synne Vo, Ballinciaga, Ash Olsen, and others) in 2022, JLAS delved into the technical and creative aspects of music production, quickly establishing himself as an up-and-coming DJ and music producer.

Not only has he mastered the art of producing great tracks, landing on P3's C-list in the fall of 2023, but he has also become a sought-after DJ at venues across the country. JLAS has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including legends like Grandmaster Flash and emerging stars like Kjartan Lauritzen. He has warmed up the crowd for Kamelen and closed the afterparty for Matoma during Ekstremsportveko, further solidifying his reputation as an exciting musical talent.

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