Head of Gliding

Kenneth Høyning



The only sound you hear is the sound of the wind rushing past the glider, or the glider flying through the air. Plus the vario telling you you’re climbing on the rising air.

Whether it’s a warm air current or wind rushing up the side of a mountain. You found it, and now you’re reaping the rewards in the form of more altitude to swap into the distance. There’s still a bit left until you’re home, and there’s even a fjord to cross. Or do you fly upside down? Of course, you are. Different thrill, same equipment. Gliding is as versatile a sport as the geography around Voss, inviting all sorts of different pilots to enjoy both flying and the company of fellow aviators.


Gliding in Voss

Gliding has been a part of the scenery in Voss since 1958, and the terrain in western Norway is perfect for gliding. And when we say western part we really mean it. Sure, Voss is perfect for gliding, but the reach you have when flying sailplanes is massive. Flights close to 1000 km have been made from here, and the combinations of thermals, mountain ranges to find hang winds on, and mountain waves over make Voss a unique site for gliding only matched in such places as New Zealand and Chile.

We are at Bømoen, west end of the runway in the hangars of Voss flyklubb, and when we’re flying the ground base is at the east end of the runway.