Head of Climbing

Simen Magnus Westerdahl Klausen



Climbing is a sport that combines and balances physical, mental and creative performances. Here, as a practitioner, you have to work with the body and the psyche to solve various problems to get to the top of the wall, without falling off. We mix this versatile experiences. So that the climb creates strong values ​​for all levels!

This involves everything within hard physical problem solving, fast climbing, over water and not least training and good social interaction


Climbing at Voss

The climb in Voss covers a wide range of opportunities for everyone of all levels and interests. Here you can find good quality climbing and wonderful nature experiences combined in both the rope climbing at Nåli and the boulder field at Møn. In addition to this you can find an outdoor climbing tower at Skydive Voss. Here you will also find good help and guidance from the Voss Climbing Club.

During Extreme Sports Week you will also be able to try digital climbing on the Easy Climb wall which you will find in the festival area!