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This year our main focus is on guided trips to excellent bouldering areas. A competition in a natural bouldering area will also be organized.

Bouldering guide (only in Norwegian)

In addition to great bouldering, you will also find climbing crags around Voss:

“Nåli” has close to 100 routes from 4 to 7c+ and is situated 25 minutes from Voss towards Bergen.

Nåli is a steep, south facing wall, which is one and a half kilometers long and ranges in height from fifty to one hundred and twenty meters. The wall has natural air conditioning, which is great, as Bolstadøyri and Modalen are the areas in the world with the most rain outside of Java. However, Nåli is so steep that no rain hits this wall and it even captures the sun when the sun is not shining.

Climbing guide (only in Norwegian)