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Indoor Skydiving

Description of the event/competition concept

Freestyle is a solo discipline, where the athletes perform compulsory and free routines. The competitor can choose to fly the free routine to music. Freestyle competitors are awarded points between zero and 10 for both the technical performance and artistic presentation, which are combined to give a score. Weight is given to creativity, artistry, and the appropriate use of space and time. 

During Extremesportweek VossVind will host an intermediate competition. The competition will consist of 2 compulsory and 2 free routines.   

  1. Compulsory Routine: a routine, without music, composed of Compulsory Sequences, and other moves at the Performer's discretion. The order in which these Compulsory Sequences and other moves are performed is chosen by the Performer. 
  2. Free Routine: a routine composed of moves chosen entirely by the Performer.  
  3. Working Time: The period of time during which a Performer may perform a routine during a Flight. Working time starts the instant the Performer begins flying, as determined by the Judges.

● Compulsory Routine: Working Time is 45 seconds.

● Free Routine: Working Time is minimum 60  to a maximum of 75 seconds.

Each Performer must declare the length of his/her Free Routine before the competition begins. Music duration must not be longer than 10 seconds over the routine's time. 


Freestyle solo
No age limit - everyone can compete




  • Flightsuit
  • Helmet