Windtunnel Competition

Indoor Skydiving WindTunnel - Mandatory Athlete meeting Voss Vind Thu 27.06 at 15:30 Sign up
Indoor Skydiving Windtunnel competition Voss Vind Thu 27.06 at 17:00 Sign Up




Description of the competition concept

VossVind competition is open to every flyer level with a junior, beginner, intermediate, and advanced category. 8 participants per category, 32 participants total. Solo flying. 2 hours of competition.

Everyone can participate and get challenged! This will be a lot of fun, and we hope you will be there. Everyone with an extreme/festival pass can participate.



8 Spots in each class




  • Suit
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Sneakers

You can borrow all the equipment needed at the tunnel or use your own.


  • Athletes over 18 must have an Athlete extreme pass to compete 
  • Athletes under 18 must have a junior athlete pass to compete.
  • Athletes under 18 years must have a signature from parents to enter (Find it here)
    • You can deliver the declaration with your signature when you pick up your athlete pass at our ticket office.

Meeting point

Oberst Bullsveg 28
5705 Voss

GPS coordinates: <60.63473224864757, 6.444568061916493>


Registration opens: Opens 15th of March
Registration closes: Sunday 23th of June (opening day Ekstremsportveko)

Schedule & Rules

Thursday 27.06.2024
15.30 - Mandatory Athlete meeting 
17.00 - 19.00 - Competition 


4 categories, 8 participants per category, 32 participants total. Solo flying.


Junior = under 18 yo

Beginner = everything belly

Intermediate = belly, back and transitions

Advanced = all of it


Competitors have to plan themselves their speed check before the atlete meet.

Round 1 - Pattern

2 patterns will be released a week before the competition for junior, beginner and intermediate.


The new solo speed dynamic competition rules will be used for the advanced category.


1 pattern will be drawn and announced during the competitors’ meeting before the competition for each category.


Ranking on speed. 3 seconds penalty for a bust (misflown move).


Round 2 - Best trick

10 seconds to fly a trick.

The videos will be posted on Instagram for public vote. Most comments give the most points.


Round 3 - Charade

Charades will be released a week before the competition.


Draw for each competitor will be done and kept secret (only competitor and Judge team A will be informed) at the competitors’ meeting before the competition.

20 seconds to challenge the flying skills and have some fun.


Judges team A will be scoring performance quality. Judges team B will have to guess the word, quickest being best.

Ranking will be done combining time for guess and quality score.



Time, scores and number of comments will be normalised to points.

Overall ranking will be determined with total of points of the 3 rounds.