Athlete passes

Lokst Utøve is a fun cliff diving competition at “Demmo”, Flatlandsmo camping. Athletes can participate in one or all three categories; Classic Cliff Diving, Dødsing, and Freestyle. Participants can win prizes for having the best jump/dive in one category or for best overall score.

New for 2019:
This year we will have an overall swimwear competition as well, so find your old neon-coloured swimsuit from the 80´s, and get ready for some funky diving at Demmo!

Lokst Utøve is part of the Døds Challenge that ties together a range of døds events in Norway and abroad. Approved Døds Challenge Events comply with a range of criteria set by the International Døds Federation and the winner of each event receives a Golden Ticket to The World Champinship (VM i Døds) held at the end of the season in Frognerbadet in Oslo.

Join in for some cliff hucking or come watch! A smart tip; To view the competition from the water, bring boats, SUP, kayaks, or other fun floating devices.

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