Head of Longboarding

Einar Kvam



Skateboarding has from its inception evolved into several disciplines. One of them is Longboarding, also referred to as downhill skateboarding, and fits those with an affinity for speed. Downhill longboarding involves riding downhills as fast as possible and keeping the board under control. Downhill longboarders zoom down steep hills at very high velocity, commonly reaching 80 km with record speeds at over 145 km. Note that downhill differs from freeriding in that free riders are not so much focused on speed as on making fluid turns and technical, sophisticated slides as they ride down a hill.

Downhill riders are highly committed, technical, and generally responsible sports enthusiasts who seek to push their limits without unnecessary risks.

Longboarding in Voss

The race in Skjervet has been the biggest meeting ground for the Norwegian downhill community for a better part of a decade. Skjervet is a truly beautiful location in the midst of nature, with a spectacular waterfall next to the course surrounded by towering mountains as a backdrop. But for those who want the facts: a tight kickoff, technical S turns, sweeping S turns and those straights that you know picking the correct line will make your day. This is a hill that most people can ride, but still have to fight hard to win.

One of the unique things about Voss is all the other great hills within an hour's driving distance from Voss. Make sure to talk to the locals and skate everything Voss has to offer. Gather your crew and come to Voss!