Head of MTB

Vegard Voll Bøyum

Mountain biking (MTB)


Ever experience that tremendous sense of freedom you get from dodging rocks, roots, and twigs while you ride down a single track in the mountains or deep in the forest? MTB gives you this exciting feeling, and most of the time, these challenges are situated in beautiful nature.

Mountain biking in Voss

Norway’s and Voss´s topography is perfect for MTB, with mountains and vast forests and the dramatic vistas that accompany them. We got ski resorts that have some MTB opportunities in the summer. Do you prefer pump tracks, old DH tracks, or single tracks with or without a guide? No problem!

We got options for beginners and children as well as for experienced thrill seekers, so the whole family can join in.

Come to VEKO and enjoy the fun of freeride mountain biking, enduro, or racing downhill.