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Imagine flying, that’s exactly how paragliding is. It’s the opposite of skydiving, you can fly in many directions, you can continuously ascend and descend. One of the best things about this extreme sport is that you can see the view for minutes or even hours if you can last that long in the sky. It’s a remarkable world up there.

Paragliding at Voss

Voss and Ekstremsportveko is a mecca for paragliding at all levels. Both novice and experienced pilots have a great time in Voss whether it is practicing flying, long-distance or acro. The main meeting point for paragliders in Voss is by the old Minigolf Cafè, near the main landing spot in downtown Voss. When the wind conditions are good, you´ll find the keen pilots by the cafè around 09.00. From here we can carpool and organize a shuttle to Bavallen, Voss Resort, where the ski lift will take you up to Hanguren.

Check out our easy access map.

For more information about Paragliding in Voss contact: Voss Hang– og Paraglider Klubb