NB! Details and more information about the competition/or event will be updated in March, so stay tuned!

Voss is a mecca for paragliding at all levels. Both novice and experienced pilots have a great time in Voss whether it is practicing flying, long distance or acro.

The main meeting point for paragliders in Voss is by the old Minigolf Cafè, near the main landing spot in downtown Voss. When the wind conditions are good, you´ll find the keen pilots by the cafè around 09.00. From here we can carpool and organize a shuttle to Bavallen, Voss Resort, where the ski lift will take you up to Hanguren. Click here for easy access map.

For more information about Paragliding in Voss: 
Voss Hang – og Paraglider Klubb


All line inspection and equipment-check is to be done BEHIND the starting area/slope to avoid blocking other pilots ready to start!

The wind picks up in the afternoon due to the local sun breeze which is predominantly from the west. When the sun breeze kicks in conditions vary a lot, thus pay attention to the lake before you start. If you can see the sun breeze on the lake, you should consider taking the gondola back down to Voss if you´re not an experienced pilot for your own safety and with respect for Voss Resort Fjellheisar.

Make sure you have enough height to cross the town centre before landing. Landing between Hanguren and Voss town centre (Mølstertunet) is not desirable. If you are unsure it´s better to land at the reserve landing spot at Ringheim.

If you have any questions, please talk to the start marshall.

For those who have ParaPro2 license or flying from Hanguren for the first time, please talk to the start marshall before you fly.

Tandem piltos wanting to fly tandem during veko have to be a member of vosshpk and have to have the same or better insurance than Norwegian tandem pilots.