Voss Vertigo

Paragliding Voss Vertigo - Day 1 Prestegardslandet Mon 24.06 at 10:00 Sign up
Paragliding Voss Vertigo - Day 2 Prestegardslandet Tue 25.06 at 10:00 Sign up
Paragliding Voss Vertigo - Day 3 Prestegardslandet Wed 26.06 at 10:00 Sign up




Description of the event/competition concept

Feeling ready to test your acro-skills up against the best pilots of Norway? Well, this year you have the chance to do that during Veko! We will be hosting one of the rounds for the Norwegian cup in acro-paragliding. There will be 3-4 rounds total in the competition with one round every day, maybe two based on what the weather is doing. All rounds will be done by towing.

NOTE! Pilots need to attend the gear check on Sunday 23th.




  • Paraglider
  • Harness with rescue
  • Acro-checkout

Meeting point


Registration/Sign Up

To participate you need to have a valid extreme pass, and sign up for the contest. There will be a competitionfee on 1750,-. This includes the winching by boat and helicopter for the final. 

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: 22nd of June