Hike&Fly - Night edition

Speedflying Hike & Fly Night edition Thu 01.07 at 01:00 Get Tickets

Any questions about the event? Contact Head of Speedriding: Arne Christian Eide

Event/competition time & date 

Kl. 01.00, Thursday 01.07.2021 

Description of the event/competition concept

Join us for a night hike from Jordalen to Bakkanosi.





Hiking gear for a 10 hour hike


Meeting point 

Voss city center 01:00
GPS coordinates: <00.000000, 00.000000>


Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: Kl. 00.00, Tuesday 01.06.2021
Registration closes: Kl. 20.00, Wednesday 30.06.2021