Swooping Competition

Speedflying Speedflying Swooping Competition Prestegardslandet Fri 28.06 at 12:00 Sign Up


Description of the competition

Possibly the most fun way you can compete against your friends for honor and glory, and even some prizes. We have a raft on the water and all you have to do is to land on it, most impressively.

If you participate in the swooping competition, you can not participate in the precision landing competition. So you have to choose one of them! 


  • Women
  • Men

Prices for Swooping Competition:

  • 1st Place Swooping
  • 2nd Place Swooping
  • 3th Place Swooping

Sign up information

Competition capacity: 50, only for SPG
You have to sign up for the competition and have a valid athlete pass to attend.

Required experience

Norwegian pilots: SPG 4.

Foreign pilots: Valid license, 3rd party insurance, experience with footlaunching, approval from the head of safety

Wind information: https://holfuy.com/en/weather/277


Normal flying gear