Veko Team Bonanza

Longboarding Veko Team Bonanza Giljavegen Fri 28.06 at 13:00 Sign up



The longboard event at Ekstremsportveko has been the biggest meeting ground for the Norwegian longboard community for the better part of a decade. To ensure the best racing experience to all participants, regardless of skill level, we have introduced the Team Bonanza. In this competition each participant will be allocated randomized teams based on their skill level and performance during Wednesday's time trial. This ensures a level playing field where everyone has an equal opportunity to win.

There are still plenty of opportunities to freeride for those who don’t want to race. Just bring your gear and have fun.


Mixed teams


As long as you show the ability to get down the hill safely, there is no requirement for skill level


  • Helmet
  • Slide gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Stoke!!!

Meeting point 

Giljavegen, 5700 Voss

GPS coordinates: 60,6092476, 6,4101503


The deck must be structurally sound and not pose a safety hazard. It must not possess sharp edges, which could injure competitors.

We also highly recommend you wear a leather or kevlar suit to reduce the risk of injury.


Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: 15th of March 2024
Registration closes: Saturday 22th of June 2024