Acro Course

Paragliding Acro Course Prestegardslandet Fri 21.06 at 12:00 Sign up


Event/competition time & date

Friday 21.06 – Sunday 23.06.2024




Description of the event/competition concept

Keen on learning new skills under your paraglider? Join us for an introcourse to acro-paragliding! Tord Kylling, teampilot of Loen Acro Team, will be showing you how to start your acro-career in a safe and fun way. There is limited spots and you need to have done an SIV-course before you can join this course. During the course it is preferable if you fly with a knee-mounted actioncamera. We will use the 

NOTE! This course is not about getting an acro checkout, but about getting introduced to acroflyging. An acro checkout can be possible, but it is not the focus.



Minimum PP3 with SIV-course. Recommend low-B paraglider, and be comfortable be staling your wing. 



  • Paraglider
  • Harness
  • Reserve canopy



There will be an additional fee for the course. Information and details about this will be sent out later.

Meeting point  


Registration/Sign Up

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: 21st of June