Lakeside Legends

Skateboarding Lakeside Legends Voss aktivitetspark Sun 23.06 at 14:00 Sign up


Time & Date

Sunday 23rd June 2024, kl. 14.00

12:00 - Practice

14:00 - Athlete briefing and comp start 


Competition, sign-up is required.

Description of the event/competition concept

In the heart of the picturesque Voss, Norway, the skate scene is about to explode with the Aktivitets Skate Park Competition at the Extremesportsveko. This ain't your average skate showdown; it's a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-soaked extravaganza set against the stunning backdrop of Voss.

Format That Demands Respect:

We're talking Olympic-level intensity mixed with the streetwise flair of the SLS - this comp is the real deal. Strap in for two 45-second runs where your best score takes the spotlight into the best trick session*. Got tricks for days? You've got five shots to drop the hammer and impress the judges. It's all about stacking those points, baby!

* Intermediate and Beginner will do a measurable circuit, ollie, acid drop, grind, manual, flyout, and pump section.


Age Ain't Nothing But a Number:

We're breaking it down by age and experience:

  • 0-15 (Junior) -The groms
  • 16+ (Senior) - Where the real action goes down
  • 30+ (Masters) - Proving age is just a number

Skill Level Showdown:

This ain't a one-size-fits-all gig. You roll with your crew - choose your level:

  • Beginner: Just popped your first ollie
  • Intermediate: Landed a kickflip or two
  • Advanced: Ollies, kickflips, 180s - you're the real deal
  • Sponsored: If you're getting paid to shred, you're in a league of your own

Warm-Up and Judging Intel:

Get your engines revved up with a warm-up sesh starting at 12:00 on Monday, June 24th. Judging criteria? We spill the secrets at 14:00. Heads up - the Head of Sports might hit you up with potential changes, so keep your ears to the ground.

Note to Self:

This ain't your grandma's Sunday stroll. It's the Lakeside Legends Skate Competition in Voss, and it's about to get gnarly! Be there or be square. 🤙




Meeting point 


Prestegardsalleen, 5700 Voss

60.625562, 6.419042

Skate tent/van

Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: 22nd of June