Mini ramp Jam

Skateboarding Mini ramp Jam Festival Tent Wed 26.06 at 14:00 Sign Up


Time and date; 

Kl.1400, Wednesday 26th June



Description of the event/competition concept

Brace yourself for the pulse-pounding tradition that is the Extremsportsveko Festival Hub Mini Ramp Jam! Get ready to witness the skateboard action right in your lap as skaters of all levels converge for an adrenaline-fueled showdown.

The Festival Hub Mini Ramp Jam is a celebration of the skateboarding spirit. Picture this – a mini ramp organized jam comp that puts riders in the spotlight for a 4-minute session. The jam format, with three skaters going all out in each session, guarantees non-stop excitement. Falls? Don't lose points – this is your time to push boundaries and go for it!

Jam Format - From Beginners to Pros

Whether you're just getting started or you've mastered the art, this competition caters to all levels. The jam format, featuring three skaters at a time, ensures a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Skaters compete in different sessions, and the levels include:

  • Beginner: Those who've just stepped onto the skateboard scene.
  • Intermediate: Skaters with some tricks up their sleeves, ready to up their game.
  • Advanced: Ollies, kickflips, 180s – these skaters can do it all and exude confidence in their skills.
  • Sponsored: The cream of the crop. Sponsored skaters who've mastered the craft and are ready to showcase their prowess.


As the Mini Ramp Jam unfolds, so does the mystery of the prizes that await the daring competitors. TBA? Absolutely, because we love to keep you on the edge of your skateboard!


Meeting point 

Festival Tent - The epicenter of the skateboard spectacle where tradition meets transition. Register now, mark your calendars, and join us for the Extremsportsveko Festival Hub Mini Ramp Jam. It's more than a competition; it's a celebration of the skateboard culture that unites us all! 🤘🛹

Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: 15th of March 
Registration closes: 22nd of June